• June 9, 2022

We offer Bank account/Debit Card purchases and cryptocurrency swapping via our ByteWallet.

Experience a better than Venmo/Cashapp experience with ByteWallet.

What does ByteWallet offer?
-) a regular bank account with routing/account number for all your daily banking needs.

-) send money for free to anyone
-) buy Bitcoin and swap cryptocurrencies
-) pull funds into ByteWallet or push them back to your legacy bank
-) easy bank transfers from ByteWallet to other bank accounts
-) send wires
-) capture checks
-) get a physical and virtual Visa card for your daily shopping needs

You can register your bank’s debit card for online transactions.

Qualification for banking with ByteWallet include verified AML/KYC and SSN. We may ask for a utility bill to verify your identity and enable banking services.