• July 15, 2020

First make sure it’s not a scam that is tricking you into sending money to someone you don’t know! If you are convinced of the legitimacy, here is what you need:

From your mobile phone’s App Store, download one of the many free ‘Bitcoin wallets’. Follow the instructions how to set it up. It will generate a Bitcoin address for you. That’s kind of like a ‘bank account number’.
Get some cash
Bring your phone, cash and a picture ID (drivers license, passport) and come to our ATM.
Register at the ATM (takes 3 minutes in most cases but can take up to 30 minutes). Once registered follow the on-screen instructions to purchase Bitcoin. The cash you insert will be converted to Bitcoin and sent to your phone’s Bitcoin wallet.
Send the amount you require from your mobile phone to your family.

That’s it!