• July 29, 2021

We offer Credit/Debit Card purchases at select ATM’s. You can find them through our ATM locations finder.

We also offer the purchase of Bitcoin online for established customers. This is still a new service by us and subject to change, we therefor reserve the right to change daily/ weekly limits or to deny certain users access to this service as we work with bank and card providers.

Online Limits:
daily limit: $100 for 4 weeks, after that $200 for 4 weeks, then $500
weekly limit: maximum of $2000
Fee percentage: 8%

You can register your card for online transactions.(only one card per customer per month/ If you need to register a different card please contact our support hotline @786-686-2983)

1). Need to submit SSN
2). Have had at least 3 transactions at an ATM

Credit cards are quite often used for fraudulent transactions and charge-backs could make selling cryptocurrency prohibitively expensive. We reserve the right to restrict or suspend any account if we suspect fraudulent activity.