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ByteFederal believes in a future where free individuals are allowed to make their own choices in cooperation and investment, in lending and saving, in purchasing and producing with each other.  ByteFederal is excited to support sound money principles and help develop prosperity for our customers.

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ByteFederal ATM Services

We Proudly Offer The Following Services At This Location

Buy Gold
Buy precious metals like Gold at this ATM for cash. Have Gold delivered or sell it back to Bitcoin.
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Trading Tips
Subscribe to QuantGeeks powerful trading strategies. Receive signals when to best buy or sell Bitcoin.
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What To Bring

  • Personal ID
    Personal ID
    Any form of government issued picture ID. Preferably a driver's license or passport
  • Cell phone
    Cell phone
    Your mobile device to receive a secure pin, and a Bitcoin wallet. Don't have a Bitcoin wallet? No problem! The ATM offers links to our favorite FREE Bitcoin wallet apps.
  • Cash
    Due to the nature of Bitcoin (no chargebacks possible) the ATM requires you to pay with cash for your Bitcoin.
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Whether you’re new to Bitcoin or a seasoned veteran, ByteFederal ATMs are the bank-in-a-box financial service of the future. Simple, safe, and secure, it’s never been easier to explore cryptocurrency and ByteFederal is here to help you leverage the new and exciting technology that Bitcoin and the Blockchain revolution have sparked.

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Need help? Contact our support team at 1 (786) 686-BYTE or send us an email at info@bytefederal.com

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What our customers say about ByteFederal ATMs

Jenny N

Best customer support hotline I have ever come in contact with.

Mark R

ByteFederal Bitcoin ATM works great. Processes transactions fast and with low fees. You can even buy Giftcards right on the machine.

Jesse M

Nifty cryptoatm. Super simple and easy to use.

Jean M

I had so many questions regarding digital money. ByteFederal's team know their stuff. So greatful.

Adelle C

We had an amazing experience. ByteFederal's staff was immensely helpful. Though new to the process they explained every step of the process.

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