bitcoin atm

The Bitcoin ATM is more powerful today than ever. Experts like Morgan Housel now recognize that it’s no longer a joke. He is a famous author and investor, the author of The Psychology of Money. With over 11,000 4.0+ ratings on Amazon and a ranking of #4 in several finance and investing categories, it’s easy to see why Morgan Housel is a name to know in the world of investing.

Motilal Oswal Asset Management hosted a virtual event earlier this week, and Housel was invited to speak. He admitted that at one point, he thought Bitcoin was a joke. But that’s no longer the case, and he added that no one could think of it as one anymore.

“So many of the smartest people are devoting their life to making this work.”

When you think about it, you know he’s right. El Salvador went all in earlier this year, and they even brought some ingenious volcano-powered technology with them when they did it. But that’s just one of the many cases brought to you by Byte Federal just in the past couple of months.

The reality is, Bitcoin Mining is turning to green options to power its vast operations. There is a Bitcoin ATM at practically every corner these days. Sports teams and involved athletes such as Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are accepting Bitcoin as payment. Surprisingly enough, banks are figuring out ways to work with Bitcoin in daily transactions. Even the courts are finding out the hard way; it’s imperative to change their terminology when talking Bitcoin versus Dollars in a case.

With all that’s going into making crypto work, Morgan Housel is RIGHT ON THE BITCOIN! That will replace the old cliche, by the way. Instead of “right on the money,” it will soon be “right on the Bitcoin” because BTC is where it’s at, and everyone should know it by now.

It’s time to take Bitcoin seriously! Byte Federal is the place to go for all your Bitcoin needs.