5 Ways to Get FREE Bitcoin

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but it has been three years since 2020-the year that showed us that having alternate resources, especially regarding finances, is a good call. Enter Bitcoin, the largest-developing form of cryptocurrency on the market today.


The first of its kind, Bitcoin is still the reigning champ as the fastest-growing cryptocurrency. As a result, free Bitcoin is on the rise, sliding into digital wallets across the globe. With Bitcoin becoming a popular option as a currency alternative, finding ways to source free Bitcoin is a serious talking point. 


Cryptocurrency and its exploding market continue to hold our attention and for excellent reasonJust like with regular cash, any opportunity to benefit from a rebate, discount, or a few free dollars here and there can make a huge difference in an unstable economy. So let’s break down the five best ways to get free Bitcoin.

1. Retail Spending

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If there’s a way to get free anything from all the online shopping you’re already doing, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Shopping at your favorite online retail stores can help boost your Bitcoin holdings. In addition, if you utilize a Bitcoin cashback service, you’ll receive rewards in the form of Bitcoin.

Many of these cashback services support retailers from Office Depot to Walmart. These services can make things simple. Begin by downloading a browser extension and visiting that retailer’s portal. Next, watch when the browser extension pop-up notification tells you how to earn Bitcoin back. As you finalize your purchase, whichever extension you use will give you options to transfer to your bank or withdraw your free Bitcoin. In addition, mobile applications offer you credits for using your smartphone to shop for Bitcoin rewards. When you are a customer at any participating business, your cashback comes back as points in your app. Users can then cash in those points or transfer them as Bitcoin. So when it’s time to do your back-to-school shopping, check and see if your favorite store is a partnered retailer. Opting for a Bitcoin partner can get free Bitcoin directly into your pockets.

Earning retail points might be the most enjoyable and easy way to snag some free Bitcoin. Comparable with familiar retailers throughout the year, sometimes eager BTC earners may take advantage of flash sales. These offers can often double or triple your free Bitcoin wins. Yes, you heard that right. Suppose you’re online shopping at Office Depot for the desk you’ve been putting off buying. In that case, you have way more incentive to purchase it with free Bitcoin practically climbing into your pockets.

2. Faucets

The retail incentive is easy because it’s what we know best. Still, faucets are making their way through the network at large, and you need to know precisely how to utilize them.


One of the most popular ways to stack up on free Bitcoin is through faucets. These platforms offer rewards when their users complete specific tasks. These tasks can range from simple AI testing through Captchas, watching ads, or giving your opinion on a survey.


In 2023 everything is it accessible as it can be. There is a common ground for working from home. Your schedule might allow periodic multitasking if you’re on hold for a long call. Still, it does not require your full attention. So, imagine the time you spend browsing the Internet or waiting for a call while working from home. You could use that time to grow your digital walletDepending on the marketing strategy and advertising content, some users may be required to watch videos read letters, or utilize search engine practices.


Of course, these tokens convert into a specific cryptocurrency you can transfer to Bitcoin. These micro-earning opportunities are great because they are relatively inexpensive and can sometimes even be mindless. In the best-case scenario, you check faucets at convenient moments when you’re killing time anyway. So if you find yourself with some added energy between studies are on your work break, look no further for fast crypto earnings. Instead, you might rack up some extra Bitcoin by solving a puzzle or playing a game. Think of it as the odd jobs around the neighborhood, except it requires eight gigs of RAM and the highest quality video card.

3. Make Yourself Known

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There’s not another time in history when a person has had so much power over an audience the way we do online. With a series of hashtags and intelligent algorithms, the hobbies and things we enjoy or are interested in flood our social media feeds. We’ve maintained a good conversation about the awareness we should demonstrate using social media for everyone’s benefit. It turns out that having a following or being connected to one can help you with a bit of currency on the side. 


In the age of influencers and marketing oneself, gaining traction for a solid following is easy. And suppose we’ve learned anything over the last decade. In that case, knowing how to market yourself or your business is a primary key. It will make or break you.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity to earn free Bitcoin. Especially if you already have an online following. If you don’t and follow some essential tips to work on it, you’ll generate side hustle income in no time.


Part of influencing and advertising is like being a herder. Guiding people to exchange business with certain companies can be a piece of cake, especially if it’s in that person’s best interest. And if those companies are willing to pay you for those new clients and levels of exposure, it’s a win-win. Bitcoin affiliate programs are standard, generating referrals and free Bitcoin all around the globe. When your followers connect with the specific URL provided by their merchant, it will track everyone who purchased through your affiliate link. That commission adds up over time, and if your leadership is gaining short strides, you may receive a fair amount of free income. But, of course, this is the best-case influencing scenario, and everyone walks away happy.

4. Mining

Bitcoin mining is tremendously popular among crypto supporters. However, if you’re picturing an 8-bit character with a pickaxe, we suggest you abandon that image before it’s too late. Mining is a delicate process that requires the mathematical strength of a Trojan horse.


Bitcoin mining comes to fruition through robust programs that solve complex math problems. We’re talking high-level, complicated computations that are even a bit much for your average computer to take on. If your computer does solve these complex problems, you get a new Bitcoin at the end of it.


If someone sends Bitcoin to a person or business, it’s a transaction. Any retail or otherwise format transactions are documented by receipts electronically or in person. Thus, you can achieve mining Bitcoin by clumping transactions together. Once entered into a public database, this ‘lump” of transactions is called a block, becoming a blockchain. When you add a block to the chain, ensuring that the transactions reflected are accurate is paramount. 


In simplest terms, mining Bitcoin refers to confirming and verifying those transactions made through Bitcoin. Miners exist to audit the Blockchain, and this incentivizes the responsibility of the verification process. In return, miners receive free Bitcoin, knowing they’re a valuable asset to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Bitcoin mining is a crucial part of the big picture. And many hands do make for light work.

5. Gameplay

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Are you ever just trying to live your life on the Internet and find yourself bombarded with ads to play games and win money? Good, because you’re not alone there. Many games advertise as games that offer financial rewards but require payment before you play. Knowing that you can opt for a game offering free ways to earn Bitcoin is the calling that rips the rug out from underneath you.

Gaming is arguably the most exciting way to earn free Bitcoin. There are tons of games that generate free Bitcoin for folks to play for free. Able to be played on smartphones and browsers, you can choose from card games like Spells of Genesis or collectible games like EOS Knight. Most people receive their coins and exchange them within the game using smart contracts. The available games to mine free Bitcoin stretch as far as no-limit Texas Hold ’em. Getting free crypto to play with free crypto is like the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Suppose you are clever and take on leadership roles naturally. In that case, you may want to recruit some of your family members to start playing these games instead of those they usually do. If Grandma is busy enjoying her game while adding free Bitcoin to her wallet, that’s a win-win. But, of course, in most situations, you have to lose some to win some. But when it comes to Bitcoin, everything is on the table. The data shows us that Bitcoin has been steadily growing throughout time. Not taking advantage of this is like setting a $100 bill on fire.

The Gist

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The big picture behind cryptocurrency is knowing your resources, how to allocate them, and whom to ask for help. Bitcoin kiosks are everywhere. And if you’re wondering where the nearest Bitcoin ATM is, open your phone, and you’ll be on your way.


Cryptocurrency is changing the way we look at the dollar. However, even though things are kosher for now, it is very apparent that most of the world is interested in something other than fostering an environment for a decentralized currency to kick off its boots and stay awhile. Even though it’s okay to be perplexed by that specific perspective, it makes sense when you zoom out and consider how cryptocurrency changes people’s lives. If anything, the government has demonstrated the need for the ability of the American people to stand on their own 2 feet in a time of financial crisis regardless of the scenario.


If you ever need to fall back on an alternative currency, you can do so- And fall back without a cost. So whether you’re wondering where the closest Bitcoin ATM is or who sells gift cards for Bitcoin, we’ve got you covered.


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