Aaron Rodgers Gives Away $1 Million In Bitcoin

Aaron Rodgers is giving the gift that will keep on giving, excuse the highly overused cliché. But it’s true. Anytime anyone gives away Bitcoin, it is that special gift that will keep on giving.

Aaron Rodgers tweeted that he will give away $1 million BTC on Monday, and he’s already started doing it. But first, we have to talk about his Halloween-themed video for a second. Everyone was speculating why he let his hair grow long like a teenager in a 1980s high school yearbook. Come to find out, he was doing it for Halloween to dress up as John Wick.

“To make Bitcoin more accessible to my fans, I’m giving out a total of $1M in BTC now too. Drop your $cashtag w/ #PaidInBitcoin & follow @CashApp…” Aaron Rodgers

aaron rodgers bitcoin

Talk about dedication! He’s not only dedicated on the field, but those principles follow through in everything else he does, like a big Bitcoin giveaway. The thing is, it has already started.

Fans of anyone in the know have already started receiving their Cash App gifts, but they range in size. Rogers gifted amounts anywhere from $10 to $100, as witnessed by the plethora of tweets seen on Twitter since publishing the video.

If you’ve been following Bitcoin, you know that the Bull market will continue, as experts have been asserting for a while. That means that even if a fan received $10 in BTC, it would grow. That $10 could turn into $1000 if the recipient chooses to hold onto it. But the best bet would be to add to it and watch all their stock in BTC rise together.

Aaron Rodgers’ partnership inspired the deal with Square’s Cash App service that allows him to receive some of his $134 million four-year contract in Bitcoin. As you can see from his tweet, he intends to make Bitcoin more accessible to his fans. For many of them, that means introducing them to what Bitcoin even is. Hopefully, they will follow through with learning more about it.

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