America Now Leads The World In Bitcoin Mining


What was once the domain of China, the United States now leads the world in Bitcoin mining. After the cryptocurrency ban was put in place in China, many mining operations moved to America. The truth is, we don’t mind at all.

One of the main reasons is that we have advanced technology that allows for green Bitcoin mining. However, activists worldwide are worried about the sheer amount of energy these dedicated machines use to unlock the 2.3 million Bitcoin treasures left to mine. Problem solved; Introducing green Bitcoin mining solutions.

Bill Spence of Stronghold Digital Mining has brought exciting technology to the game. He has turned a barely viable waste reduction and land restoration operation into a Bitcoin mining powerhouse that creates energy rather than using it. The facility is known as the Scrubgrass Power Plant in Kennerdell, Pennsylvania. Here, they use potentially dangerous piles of gob, also known as “garbage of bituminous,” to fuel the mining operation. But, that’s not all; at Scrubgrass Power Plant, safe disposal is a priority. As a result, the plant turns a Bitcoin liability into an asset.

The HODL Ranch near Midland, Texas, is another mining facility making the planet a priority. Chief Technical Officer Jesse Peltan predicts, “West Texas is going to dominate; it will all come here.” Even though Texans ran into some severe energy issues over the winter, the off-grid energy system persevered. Operating off natural resources such as solar and wind generates so much energy that grid operators must share or give extra power away so that the system doesn’t overload. The HODL Ranch uses this energy, solving the grid margin issue when there’s excess.

More About Bitcoin Mining, Responsibly

The green Bitcoin mining gamble Crusoe Energy Systems is taking throughout states like North Dakota, Texas, and New Mexico is a pure stroke of genius. Drillers working in the oil fields have a situation when they finish a new oil well and don’t have the pipelines hooked up yet. So they have to set the natural gas on fire instead of simply letting it go into the atmosphere, which is far worse for the environment. That’s where Crusoe comes in. They have shipping containers full of powerful machines mining Bitcoin that will now use that natural gas instead of allowing it to go to waste.

If there is one thing the Bitcoin mining industry has done, it listened and responded to the concerns of energy activists and protestors. Not only have they responded to concerns, but they’ve done it in style. The green Bitcoin mining solutions often convert something harmful and wasteful into something useful. Don’t you wish every industry causing environmental concerns would take that same kind of action?

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