Big BTC Prediction From Analyst Who Keeps Getting It Right

Bitcoin investors have a reason to get excited over this analyst’s prediction. He has been right before. He was right last year, and he even has the graphs to prove he knows his stuff.

Calling himself Dave the Wave on Twitter, he has over 95K followers. He has proven himself over and over that he’s an analyst worth taking seriously. And just recently said that Bitcoin would hit $100,000 this year, but other predictions need to be heeded as well.

“One for the bulls. Aligning the micro with the macro. 100K within striking distance this year…” @davthewave

Some analysts were calling for Bitcoin to reach $100K last year. But it didn’t make it. Instead, it went as high as $67,500 on November 8, and now it’s down at $38K. But, Dave the Wave predicted all that. First, he indicated that BTC would drastically drop in May last year. Then, he tried to inform everyone that it wouldn’t reach the $100K mark by the end of the year.

Even though he’s saying that it will reach the $100K mark this year, he’s also saying more. Investors in Bitcoin will see the value go even lower before it gets there. His advice is to keep a level head while Bitcoin goes through this growth, “Indifference is a good place to be.” 

It’s an excellent time to grab a piece of the pie. Buying in at $38K and watching it more than double should put a smile on your face. With Bitcoin’s history, the patterns are there. It has been consistently going up since 2009, when it was worth absolutely nothing. Any analyst will tell you that no growth shoots up in a straight line. The ups and downs are part of the deal.

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