Bitcoin Beach? This Caribbean Community Is Untethered & Off-Grid

Yes, you read that right, Bitcoin has arrived! Somewhere in a far-away land there is an island paradise built on the blockchain. Okay, maybe not literally, but you get it.

Here you have it, the stunning mountainside view off the coast of Bequia.

At just under seven square miles, this secret island getaway is home to only around 6,000 residents. Soon the beautiful best kept secret of Bequia will be the world’s first fully Bitcoin-enabled community.

The development will consist of 39 villas, eloquently placed along the eye-catching mountainside. The community will be complete with a grocery store, restaurant, café and even a cinema-all of which will be paid for with Bitcoin.

A Small Step Towards A Big Change…

Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin specifically have been the subject of many headlines and naturally, much debate. For this up-and-coming Caribbean crypto-based community, switching from traditionally, fiat currencies to Bitcoin payments was as MUST.

Tina McClure/Canva

That’s correct. Developer, Storm Gonsalves, one of the property moguls behind this cool project chimed in;

“It’s a response to the very real challenges faced by island communities increasingly cut-off from mainstream banking facilities.”

He went on to further explain the intricacies of “derisking”;

“It’s a response to the very real challenges faced by island communities increasingly cut-off from mainstream banking facilities. Residents of small island nations are finding it increasingly difficult to send and receive money internationally because of ‘derisking’ by large international banks,”

St. Vincent-born Gonsalves added;

“Derisking is when these large institutions remove their intermediary banking services from smaller island-based community banks. This prevents the island-based banks from transacting internationally. If this trend continues it means small island nations will be essentially cut off from international trade and commerce. For tourism-based economies, this will be devastating”.

Tina McClure/Canva

Where Does Bitcoin Come In & Why?

Naturally so, these reoccurring issues have driven people to seek more suitable resources. Cryptocurrency offers a safe, secure and cost effective way to take control of the current roadblocks many of residents have been running into.

Bequia is known in the Caribbean as “the island in the clouds” for its forward-thinking way of life, enjoying a life of laid-back luxury by way of constant innovation.

Developers of the brilliant Bequia blockchain community believe that their smart homes will make for an incredibly attractive investment to a handful of early crypto investors, less skeptical of change than most.

Interested In Joining The Crypto Community?