Bitcoin Day Naples, FL, January 20th 2024


On January 20th, Naples, Florida, will host Bitcoin Day Naples, an event that promises to be a comprehensive exploration of Bitcoin. Byte Federal is proud to be a sponsor of the one day conference. This event distinguishes itself as more than a typical gathering; designed as a deep dive into the intricacies of Bitcoin, its technology, and its role in the financial revolution. “BitcoinDay Naples is an opportunity to increase your understanding of Bitcoin, connect with experts and influencers, and play a part in the sound money revolution,” highlight the organizers.

The event will feature a series of intriguing panels with various topics surrounding Bitcoin. Hear from all the leading innovators in Bitcoin in SouthWest, Florida, including members of the Byte Federal team, including Lennart Lopin, CTO, Paul Tarantino, Business Development, and Michelle Weekley, Director of Product Development. These panels are set to offer diverse perspectives on Bitcoin, ranging from investment strategies to technological advancements. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from renowned experts, industry leaders, and successful investors, sharing their knowledge and experiences about the strategic aspects of Bitcoin investment.

Beyond the informative panels, Byte Federal and other sponsors, will host booths offering attendees a chance to engage in deeper conversations about Bitcoin’s latest developments. Byte Federal’s will host a demonstration of their innovative merchant POS tools, showcasing the practical application of Bitcoin in everyday transactions.

Bitcoin Day Naples is not just about information; it’s about experiencing the vibrant community of Bitcoin enthusiasts in South Florida. The event is set to inspire and educate, encouraging attendees to take the next step in their Bitcoin journey and become part of the ongoing revolution in sound money.

You can purchase tickets to Bitcoin Day Naples here. Pay in Bitcoin, powered by Byte Federal’s merchant POS tools.