Bitcoin Is Only Investment Rich Dad Poor Dad’s, Robert Kiyosaki Trusts

When Robert Kiyosaki speaks, the financial world listens. What he has to say about Bitcoin is very promising for every Bitcoin holder out there as well as anyone looking seriously at buying into the digital currency.

Robert Kiyosaki is a highly respected businessman as well as a renowned author. The founder of a private financial education company, his book Rich Dad Poor Dad has been translated into multiple languages and is the #1 personal finance book of all time.

So when he tweeted about Bitcoin just a few days ago, the entire financial world stopped to hear what he had to say:

Bitcoin to $50,000. Great news for bitcoin holders. Bad news for mom and pop. The primary reason I invest in Bitcoin, gold, & silver is because I do not trust our leaders, the Fed, Treasury, nor the stock market. Unfortunately mom and pop who save money do. @theRealKiyosaki

When financial experts such as Kiyosaki publicly state having no faith in our government or the people behind our money, that’s the moment everyone with even a dollar in their pocket should stop and rethink everything they think they know about money. Did I happen to mention that Kiyosaki is worth more than $100 million? That’s $100 million reasons to take the man seriously.

The phenomenal thing about Bitcoin is that it’s projected to double by the end of the year. Anthony Pompliano, founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, went on CNBC’s SquakBox and stated that Bitcoin will hit $100,000 in 2021. There are only a few short months left and Pompliano isn’t the only one who thinks this way. Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream and the third person to ever own Bitcoin is echoing Pompliano’s predictions.

There must be something that Kiyosaki knows that “mom and pop who save money” don’t. It’s the same thing Pompliano and Back know and they’re trying to tell the world. Bitcoin has an unstoppable future and its growth is happening lightning fast.

Do you think it’s finally time to go in on Bitcoin?