Bitcoin Mining Sparks Epic Economic Growth In Rockdale, Texas

In Rockdale, Texas, a small town with just over 5,000 people, a considerable Bitcoin mining initiative is changing the future of a community that has seen better times. In the proper theme of Bitcoin itself, they have taken something old, done, and worn out and turned it into something new and exciting that will keep in step with the future.

Rockdale shares a story that many small towns across America share. Some companies have ended their shrewd agreements, subsequently pulling stakes to find another good deal elsewhere. Others have met with their unfortunate demise due to any number of financial downfalls. For Rockdale, hardships include the closing of Alcoa in 2008 and then Luminant in 2017. Both of those companies were significant employers until their closing, leaving many people out of work.

But earlier this year, Governor Greg Abbott put some things in place to get the county back on track.

“I just signed a law that puts virtual currency under the Texas Uniform Commercial Code to be a secured transaction. It defines virtual currency, establishes when a person acquires a right in it, and when a person has control of it.” @GregAbbott_TX


So, Exactly What Does This Mean For Bitcoin Mining?

Abbot’s announcement is huge news for Bitcoiners. But the more extensive information was yet to come, and it would have an impact on everyone in Rockdale. 

A data center and Bitcoin mining facility that spans 100 acres would soon move into the old Luminant facility and become the largest of its kind in the country. 

Ceo Chad Harris spoke up;

“Riot’s Whinstone data center is the largest in compacity in North America. We are a high-speed, high-density computing processing center. We have developed an infrastructure that supports Bitcoin mining in North America. On this facility, directly across the street, one of the largest electrical interconnects in Central Texas is called the sand dial switch. That allowed us to build at scale and capacity to actually build our facility,”

Milam County Judge Steve Young reflected on the growth already taking place. New companies are moving in because they see the opportunity, and of course, new jobs created by Whinstone. All of this is a sign that the revival of a once-bustling county is happening. As he looks across the town he proudly calls home; Judge Young knows the heartbeat of its people as he says with a sigh of relief,

“The future is very bright here.”

Bitcoin is bringing promise to many lives. It has already made multiple millionaires, but that’s not its actual story. That’s just the part of the story that perks the ears of opportunity chasers. The real story behind Bitcoin is its ability to lift entire economies and give the financially challenged a way out of their adverse situations. Rockdale is just another example of how it’s fulfilling its promise.

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