Bitcoin To The Rescue, Bringing Hope To Cuban Crisis

The rare anti-government protest in Cuba has been a long time coming. People are hungry. Their homes have no electricity. They are sick and dying. It doesn’t take a financial expert to look at Cuba and know that the system is broken, a system that cannot sustain itself much longer.

In the early 90s, when the Soviet Union fell apart, Cuba lost its backup. As the economy deteriorated, the infamous Maleconazo uprising broke out but Fidel Castro was able to squash it early and most Cubans weren’t even aware that it had happened.


Today in the day of the internet, silence is going to be harder to keep. The world is aware that most Cubans are tired of a dictatorship. They want change and it’s definitely coming. With most of Cuba’s problems being caused by financial hardship, there is a solution that can bring the very change they need.

Bitcoin is the ultimate equalizer for the global economy. You’ll keep hearing this theme over and over as the world comes to this conclusion. Just like El Salvador’s economic upturn that we reported on earlier this month, Bitcoin can turn around any economy because it provides individuals and merchants alike more financial options that people can benefit from.

As Bitcoin Magazine reports, “Last month, on July 11, the biggest anti-government protest since the 1959 revolution broke out, not just in Havana but in cities all across Cuba.” But instead of breaking out the bullets as Castro did back in the 90s, this more recent protest was seen by millions. That’s the power that the internet now provides. When people can be heard, they can cause the change they seek.

Cuban Americans in Miami demonstrate in solidarity with historic anti-government protests taking place in Cuba. July 13, 2021.
Maria Alejandra Cardona / Reuters

That’s the same power that Bitcoin brings to people. As long as it’s not regulated by any government, it will always be the currency of the people. It’s the currency that is destined to bring equality to a world that is moving in the right direction.

Ready to be a part of the change that the world needs?