Hacked: Father-Son Team Works To Recover Billions In Lost Bitcoin

Chris and Charlie Brooks are more than just your average father-son duo. These guys are out to help others find lost treasures. They call themselves “ethical hackers.” Their mission is to help people who have forgotten the passwords to their Bitcoin wallets. These people could be sitting on a fortune of missing assets yet cannot access those assets.

Okay, how about a bit of perspective? Do you recall that one episode of The Big Bang Theory, where the guys tried to figure out what they did with their Bitcoin? Well, this is kind of like that. You see, there have been a whole lot of issues with people holding onto their digital currency. But, of course, the most common problem is that they have forgotten their Bitcoin password.

In the beginning, it was a little more challenging to get Bitcoin than it is today. The process included, and for many, it still does, getting a digital wallet and saving a long string of letters and numbers to access it at any time. And therein lies the problem. Some might even go as far as to argue that the weakest link in any security system is the human using it. That’s why Chris and Charlie are stepping up to lend a hand.

Of the 18.6 million Bitcoin mined, $140 Billion in USD is lost in the abyss. Chris and Charlie Brooks are trying to right this incredible wrong. 

“We came up with a number of about 2.5% of that lost Bitcoin that we feel could still be recovered which is something like $3.2 billion USD.”

There are many stories out there about lost Bitcoin. All it takes is one Google search for Bitcoin Password, and you’ll find headlines such as:

  • *A Programmer Can’t Get Into His $240 Million Wallet
  • *Another Would-Be Millionaire Is Locked Out Of His $320 Million Wallet
  • *The Police Seized $60 Million, But Can’t Do Anything Because They Can’t Access It

Avid fans will recall the 9th episode of the 11th season in The Big Bang Theory. In this episode, Sheldon attempts to teach the other guys a lesson for having left him out of their Bitcoin mining idea seven years prior. At the time, Bitcoin was worth $5000 a coin, hypothetically, making them all pretty rich. The only problem was, they had to track down their wallet.

That episode taught so many Bitcoin skeptics the nature of digital currency and the issues users could face. It was an excellent warning to make sure users kept track of crucial information. So what happens in the episode? I’m not going to tell you. That would ruin the watching experience for you. But let’s say that it’s so easy to lose stuff, and Bitcoin is among them.

However, in the real world, here with Chris and Charlie Brooks steady at work, it just might be possible for everyone to retrieve what they lost a long time ago. Can you imagine having a wallet with a few Bitcoin in it that equals millions in USD? Can you imagine not being able to access it because you didn’t store the Bitcoin password in a safe place, and you don’t know it now? It’s a great thing the world has ethical hackers like Chris and Charles who can give people back their fortunes.

Are you ready for a safe and secure Bitcoin transaction that is a lot less hassle?