Investors Are Highly Motivated To Create Blockchain Islands

What do you imagine when you think of an island out of reach of any centralized government? What if that same island you imagine relies purely on digital currency? Innovative investors have been trying to make this figment a reality. The best part is, it’s happening! 

A good bit of planning goes into building an entire island so that it has all the resources you’ve come to need and expect. But, more than that, investors want these islands to be lovely tropical paradises with so much more to offer than just what people need. But, they are aware that it takes much capital, and that’s been the main goal for investors who are passionate about this dream.

The very low-profile island of Bequia, a beautiful Caribbean island in the Grenadines, has hosted such celebrities as Mick Jagger and David Bowie. People visit Bequia to get away from the world and relax. Now, for some time, it has been making the transition into becoming the world’s first cryptocurrency community.

The thing is, Bequia is not the only one. There are plans for Cryptoland and Satoshi Island as well. These plans include; two beautifully-located and untethered, cryptocurrency paradises. Here, people can destress and live unharassed by governments and regulations that weigh life down. It’s the ultimate utopian dream that has crypto-enthusiasts working so hard.

A Fiji island named Nananu-i-cake is the site chosen for Cryptoland. Cryptoland Bay will have a beach, resort, and theme park. The House of DAO will serve as the area to develop future blockchain technologies. Finally, the Blockchain Hills will be a beautiful residential area overlooking palm-lined beaches and clear lagoons.

If for some reason that doesn’t attract your attention, one of the islands in Vanuatu, a system of islands between Australia and Fiji, is the location for Satoshi Island. You can live in a smart house overlooking the water with a beach within a few steps from your front door. The entire island will utilize renewable energy and be a wonderful place to work and live.

Satoshi Island is so close to becoming a reality. In fact, after the January 2022 Satoshi Island Citizenship NFT Airdrop, the South Wing Land Mint will be launched in late January to early February 2022. So they’re not talking a year from now or five years down the road. They’re on it now.

In a recent interview, Jump Crypto Partner Peter Johnson talked about the positive catalysts for Bitcoin in 2022. The massive capital being poured into crypto is one positive sign. The mass of talent involved in building crypto was another positive sign. But he predicted that large institutions would adopt new strategies to incorporate crypto into their business models. Blockchain islands are authentic evidence that Peter Johnson is onto something.

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