Is Cryptocurrency a High-Risk Investment?

Most people are unaware that over 15% of Americans have dipped their toes into crypto. As cryptocurrency becomes more massively adopted, it is essential to gain knowledge about the potential of this fantastic phenomenon. Although it is normal to be hesitant with new investments, most interested investors can probably agree that arriving at the scene late is far from ideal. However, nothing is without some degree of risk. If you are teetering on the fence when it comes to cryptocurrency investments? Keep reading to learn about whether cryptocurrency is a high-risk investment

Types Of Investments

Before investing in crypto, learning about the available options is essential. Just as fiat currency can take the form of dollars, euros, yuan, złoty, and more, cryptocurrency can refer to anything from Bitcoin to Dogecoin and everything in between. Therefore, deciding how to invest may be difficult without a basic knowledge of options.

The first and most popular type of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Since its creation in 2009, it has taken the world by storm, but it is now only one type of currency among many. 2011 saw the birth of Litecoin, which is a Google employee’s answer to Bitcoin.

Another great opportunity is the USD coin, designed to have a value proportionate to the United States dollar. The difference here is that the transactions are more secure and free from other constrictions that the government puts on money and the economy overall.

Some cryptocurrencies started as a joke based on a meme but gained value and exceeded everyone’s expectations. The most famous example of this is Dogecoin, based on an internet-famous Shiba Inu dog. Since its creation in 2013, it has grown beyond a joke and proven itself a legitimate cryptocurrency.

As if that was not cool enough, there is even a Marscoin. Marscoin is for anyone who gazed up at the stars as a kid and fantasized about exploring other planets.


Interested investors will be delighted to know that there are many other cryptocurrency options to choose from. There are more than 8,000 different types of cryptocurrencies on the market. Of course, plenty of them are worth little to nothing, but this is true of almost any cryptocurrency upon its creation.

Diversifying Portfolios

Regarding cryptocurrency risks, it is essential to realize that every investment opportunity has some degree of risk. Without risk, everyone would be rushing to “make their millions.” The catch is that risk can be managed and reduced as much as possible with the proper knowledge.

One of the most basic investment risk management strategies involves portfolio diversification. Diversifying a portfolio is a fancy way of saying, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” After all, in the case that the basket gets dropped, then all the eggs will break, and there will be no delicious omelets for when breakfast time comes around.

On the contrary, if the eggs are split up and stored in different places, then dropping one basket will not ruin the chances of a mouth-watering meal. Applying this concept to investing, it is easy to observe how cryptocurrency can be a great place to put some eggs. However, it is crucial to note that putting every cent into a single type of cryptocurrency could increase the financial risk involved. Instead, invest in cryptocurrency alongside other investments, such as property, precious metals, stocks, bonds, etc. Within the world of cryptocurrency, investors can diversify their portfolios even further by purchasing more than one kind of coin.

That way, if one currency nosedives in value, there are always one or two others to fall back on as a safety net, not to mention other investments outside of digital currency.

A comfortable cryptocurrency investor may spend their days trading, increasing available profits.

is crypto a high-risk investment?

The Security Behind Cryptocurrency

One aspect to consider as a potential cryptocurrency investor is the security of the investment beyond natural fluctuations. For instance, investments will not be worth much to anyone if they fall into a cybercriminal’s hands. The good news is that cryptocurrency is the safest currency to invest in.

Much of this security is owed to the decentralized system and the beauty of the blockchain. Put in the simplest terms, a blockchain is a technology that records every cryptocurrency transaction. Once a transaction completes, there is no undoing, editing, or other fishy business.

This truth makes the phrase “cooking the books” obsolete in the cryptocurrency space. Aside from the blockchain, much security is also built into the crypto wallet concept. Cryptocurrency investors cannot buy, send, or receive currency without a crypto wallet.

A crypto wallet is unlike a regular wallet. Instead, this wallet keeps cryptocurrency keys safe. Unlike what one might use to start their car or open their front door, crypto keys are randomly generated, vast numbers.

Think of the key as a digital signature that grants access to personal cryptocurrency investments. While anyone can deposit money into a wallet, they cannot take something out of a wallet without that private key. The cryptocurrency wallet can be digital or physical.

That sure beats putting the savings under the mattress or even a crackable safe in a trained criminal’s hands. It is also worth emphasizing that cryptocurrency ATMs are much more secure than regular ATMs. Not only do they require keys, but they also have their own security programs.

Bitcoin Risks

The good news for those considering investing in Bitcoin is that this cryptocurrency is trading at $16,500. While this is great, there is always t, the possibility that Bitcoin could be worth double that amount or half that amount next week. It is a fact that Bitcoin value has the potential to fluctuate wildly, but this is something investors can anticipate and counteract.

One strategy is to wait out the dips and go with the flow. Nevertheless, unfortunately, when people get spooked by a nosedive in value, they lose a lot of money by selling at the wrong time. Investing 101 tells us that the best time to sell an investment is at peak value.

Of course, Bitcoin has the potential to become worth more and more, so the time to sell will depend on personal goals. Let us remember that Bitcoin started with no value at all and only reached a value of around $1,000 after a few years. At this time, people started to view cryptocurrency and Bitcoin as something to take seriously.

As for the future of Bitcoin, some financial experts believe the cryptocurrency could reach as much as $100,000 in the short term. As for the distant future, a single Bitcoin could be valued at a whopping $400,000. With this in mind, it is clear how an investment in BTC could pay off by a massive amount.

While the ship has sailed as far as investing in Bitcoin initially, there is still time to join the party before the coin becomes worth even more. On the lower end of predictions, some experts think Bitcoin will reach a value of $75,000, but even that is still remarkable progress.

is bitcoin a high-risk investment

Litecoin Risks

Regarding cryptocurrency trading, few coins have a transaction processing speed as fast as Litecoin. This fact alone has made Litecoin popular among people who believe that time is money. After all, any investor worth their weight in gold knows that time is indeed money.

Aside from Litecoin’s speed, let us also take quantity into account. If too much of a crypto coin is out there, it could depreciate its value. On the other hand, too little currency can limit trading opportunities and overall growth potential.

Dogecoin Risks

Love it or hate it, Dogecoin has gone from a joke to a serious investment opportunity. A significant amount of the cryptocurrency’s success came from entrepreneur Elon Musk’s interest in it. However, the fact that this coin came from a meme is not something we can erase from history. In that sense, the coin will always be more unpredictable than the average cryptocurrency option. However, taking risks can allow for a much heftier payday.

The key is to buy other cryptocurrencies rather than putting all chips on Dogecoin, for instance. One sign that Dogecoin is doing well is that more and more vendors are accepting the currency. It is also true that many people with Dogecoin spend it on goods and services, especially compared to some other cryptocurrencies out there.

Despite optimistic predictions, Dogecoin has a long way to go if it has any chance of competing with some of the more significant and valuable currencies. For example, its record value was just under 75 cents to the dollar. However, it may take a few years before it can match American fiat currency dollar for dollar.

Ethereum Risks

Ethereum is the runner-up in terms of the most potent cryptocurrencies. Its current value of over $4,000 is a nice chunk of change. Around a year ago, the coin was worth about $700, which is incredible growth.

The future of Ethereum is promising because of the potential for Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs). If that were not enough, Ethereum would also come in handy for the new web3. To explain, web3 is an enterprise attempting to create a new version of the internet based around blockchains and a cryptocurrency economy.

While Bitcoin is more robust than Ethereum overall, Ethereum has much more potential when it comes to web3. This advantage could be proof of steady growth in the coming years and beyond. Moreover, since Ethereum could be one of the foundational currencies in a digital economy, that would also make it a technological investment.

The investments that pay off the most are the ones that investors can get in on before they take off. Aside from this tremendous potential, it is worth noting that Ethereum is planning on switching its mining procedures. Instead of continuing its energy-consuming proof of word, the creators are changing it to a much more efficient proof of stake.

In general, the efficiency level of a particular cryptocurrency could affect its future worth. More and more people are expressing concern about the energy that these processes use. These concerns lead to greener mining and transaction methods, among other innovative developments.

So, Cryptocurrency Is Not A High-Risk Investment

Cryptocurrency is not a high-risk investment. In fact, crypto investors that play their cards right could be swimming in money like Scrooge McDuck. 

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