Jim Cramer Says ‘Yes’ To BTC; Sees Opportunity In Crypto


Jim Cramer, the famous host of CNBC’s “Mad Money,” just made a statement that revealed that he is a massive supporter of crypto.

Specifically, he shared that he owns Ethereum and likes that crypto is essentially a decentralized currency that can continue to gain more adoption over time.

It appeals to him because it can stand the test of time, and he recommends significant digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum because they have the most value.

That said, Cramer shared his thoughts on crypto investing and advised that it should only be a small portion of an investor’s overall portfolio.

He is still calling it a speculative investment that shouldn’t exceed 5% of your portfolio, but that is already quite the improvement given that the perspective on crypto was largely negative just a few years ago.


Is Cramer Bullish For BTC?

Jim Cramer’s bullish comments on the industry come when the crypto markets are largely experiencing a bear market.

So far, Bitcoin and Ethereum are over 50% down from their all-time highs back in 2021, and the market conditions will likely cause much risk for investors as some crypto may completely disappear.

As a result, Jim Cramer is saying that you should not be borrowing money to buy crypto and that you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

Such advice seems to be the common motto for any experienced investor, and crypto is no different in this case.

The host then continued to compare crypto to other types of financial assets, such as blue-chip stocks, to highlight that he believes it is not considered a “safe” investment.

The fact that crypto is still being encouraged as part of a more extensive investment portfolio has already signaled to many that the industry is finally starting to become a mainstream asset. As a result, many investors are looking to allocate capital to digital assets.

Sometimes, Change Is Good

As the industry constantly changes and economic conditions remain uncertain in today’s market environment, crypto continues to gain more and more interest from both retail and institutional investors.

Jim Cramer has become aware of this growth. He absolutely recommends buying crypto because fortunes have been made by many already in this space.

After all, not getting involved at this point would mean missing out on many potential opportunities.

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