It’s A Great Day To Buy Bitcoin, Here’s Why…

Even though Bitcoin has made a huge splash in this world, it’s just like anything else. It has to take its bumps and bruises to grow. No investment, no stock, nothing worth having will ever grow in a straight line to the top. Take it from top investors in this world, now is the time to buy Bitcoin.

If you have ever kicked yourself for not going in on something that went large, now’s the time to stop doing that. Bitcoin is currently sitting at just under $34,000. That’s down from its high of over $64,000 in November 2021. Wow! That’s almost 50% down.

But look what happened back in July 2021. The all-time high at that point was in March 2021 when Bitcoin was at about $61,000. Then, it dropped to $31,500 by July.


Are we watching history repeat itself? You bet we are, and now is the time to buy. Bitcoin has consistently gone up! When it goes down, it doesn’t stay there very long, and it jumps up even higher than before. That’s its pattern. That’s its incredible, beautiful, excellent little pattern! Look at that 5-year history and tell me you don’t see the pattern!

But let’s talk to some experts on this for a moment. Neil Patel, a writer for Motley Fool, points out about Bitcoin, “With this framework, it’s easy to see that Bitcoin has historically, in fact, not been risky at all. Early investors in the cryptocurrency would have seen their purchasing power skyrocket throughout the years, as the coin’s value surged from about $900 five years ago to more than $35,500 today.”

What he’s talking about is the definition of risk and how it needs to be updated. The traditional definition of risk is how investors look at the volatility of a stock. It’s the ancient notion that it’s more of a risk if the stock rises and falls repeatedly.

But Warren Buffet, arguably one of the greatest investors of all time, has redefined this perspective. Risk is the chance of permanent loss. Gambling is risky because when you lose your money, it’s gone. You can’t get it back. That dollar belongs to the Casino now.

But when we look at stocks, we see something that shifts the paradigm. Stocks have a chance of bouncing back. So there is still some value there. The volatility of stock actually represents a lively company dealing with the bumps and bruises of the economy. It’s working within the system and finding its way to the top.

One can say that a stock that isn’t fluctuating in value is actually a company that is dying. It’s losing revenue and no longer sustaining a competitive edge. So wouldn’t you rather have an investment that is moving or are you comfortable with a stagnant value that never rises or falls?

If the history of Bitcoin has shown us anything, it’s that the future is promising. It will rise in value, and some experts are calling for it to triple this year. When it reaches $100,000, will you be kicking yourself or will you be happy you bought it now?

Do yourself a huge favor today and get in on an excellent investment. Go bank, Yourself!