Miami Mayor Taking Retirement In Bitcoin

Remarkable things are happening these days, and it’s all because of Bitcoin. It’s even changing the way people are entering into their retirement. One thing is for sure; they are doing it with a bigger smile on their faces than they ever have if they are taking it in crypto.

That’s what the Mayor of Miami is planning on doing. Francis Suarez is all in on digital currency, and his plans go much deeper than that. Not only will he be taking a portion of his retirement in Bitcoin, but his strategies are forward-thinking for the city of Miami as well.

First of all, he already takes his paychecks in Bitcoin. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of this. The New York Mayor took some of his wages in Bitcoin, too. But Mayor Suarez takes all of his payments in digital currency courtesy of the Strike platform. So while ancient financial gurus turned their heads at the thought of digital currency, people like Suarez have taken cryptocurrency very seriously, and it will pay off. BTC and the likes are far from child play; no reindeer games here.

He is actually taking control of his salary if from that perspective. As Bitcoin climbs, his paychecks gain value. There really isn’t any other way to look at it! Suarez has turned his wages into an investment. Now, he’s going to turn his retirement into that same investment. So Miami Mayor Suarez can count on having a lot more currency there in the future than what the paperwork says today. That’s a guarantee.

But wait, Suarez has more cryptocurrency-friendly energy up his sleeve. The Miami Mayor is giving residents the option to pay municipal fees in crypto. So Miami residents who don’t have a bank account and don’t like participating in the current fiat system now have a safe and secure way to store funds. In addition, Mayor Suarez is working on a path for Miami residents to use their digital wallets to pay the fees that are imposed on them by the city.

It’s a brilliant move because the Bitcoin Miami receives for those fees becomes an investment. So just like having his paycheck grow and watching his retirement grow, Suarez is a catalyst in watching the municipal money grow. That’s as ingenious and forward-thinking as it gets.

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