Bitcoin Prevails, Introducing OnlyCoins, Content Makers Get Paid In Crypto

OnlyFans announced a significant policy change and it has sex workers up in arms. But, they don’t have much to worry about because an opportunity is being put in place just as OnlyFans is on its way out.

The content-sharing platform was founded only four years ago and it has grown tremendously. One reason for this growth is people like Crystal Jackson, otherwise known as “The Real Mrs. Poindexter,” a Sacramento, California soccer mom who started on OnlyFans to help her marriage. Her profile soon started making $150,000 a month, but the other soccer moms weren’t too happy about it when they heard what she was doing.

This is the nature of being a sex worker. While it’s a multi-billion dollar industry that implies most people have spent their money in the industry in some way, there are always going to be naysayers out there. That’s the reason Pornhub had to start accepting cryptocurrency earlier this year because it was booted off of mainstream payment networks.

The same thing is happening to OnlyFans, except they decided to go the other way. OnlyFans has decided to ban sexually explicit content and that’s a decision that has quite a few members scrambling for another solution. Can you imagine waking up one morning to hear that your $150,000 a month business was about to be banned and all that income was going to go away?

In comes OnlyCoins, the solution to fill the void. OnlyCoins allows sexual content and accepts Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH) as well as quite a few other digital currencies. Banks and other financial institutions won’t be able to stand in their way.

There is no way to know how big of an impact OnlyFans policy change will have on its bottom line, but OnlyCoins will definitely see huge growth very soon. It’s already an adult’s only site and it’s about ready to get more members as a wild shift begins to take place at the beginning of October when OnlyFans finally says “No” for good.

This is how digital currency such as Bitcoin is so powerful. Not being regulated by any government entity in any way keeps it from falling victim to the demands of business and financial movers and shakers who haven’t figured out that it’s here to stay and it’s solving problems that other currencies throughout history haven’t been able to do. For people like Crystal Jackson, that must be a huge relief. Her business will survive just fine when she switches over to OnlyCoins.

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