Ordinary People Share How They Made Huge Gains With Crypto

Crypto dominates the headlines with stories of millionaires and billionaires investing in and advocating for Bitcoin. But, unfortunately, what’s missing in those headlines are all the stories of everyday people who dabbled, and it completely changed their lives. From substitute teachers to high school dropouts, they are great examples that anyone can make a perfect life for themselves in the crypto space. 

From Substitute Teacher To Millionaire

Rachel Siegel was living a humble life as a substitute teacher. She had very little money to work with as she lived in a small apartment in New York City. One day, she went to a party directly after a cryptocurrency conference. Everyone in the room was so passionate about crypto that it rubbed off on her.

She started to invest small amounts that she could afford. Back in the day, that was about $25 a paycheck. Not much at all. Remember, this was just a few years ago, back in 2017. Today she’s a millionaire who just finalized a deal to buy a condo in the Caribbean. As a result, she’s no longer a substitute teacher but a crypto influencer who goes by CryptoFinally. Now she teaches other ordinary people how to improve their lives via crypto.

“I was a substitute teacher with no serious technical knowledge that went to college for theater, and I made millions of dollars in this market via conviction, via education. I believe that anyone could follow that path if they were dedicated to it.”

Retiring At 32 Years Old

Terrance Leonard graduated from the Naval Academy and became a software engineer. He was doing all right, but he didn’t have the life he has now. So it’s a good thing one of his co-workers was a crypto-enthusiast who talked him into buying Ethereum back in 2019.

Terrance has invested in several different types of crypto. He likes exploring the options, and it has paid off for him. His initial investment of $2,000 has given him the freedom to put a down payment on his new Washington D.C. home and then plans to retire sometime this year. He’s way ahead of the game, and something tells me he’ll be just fine in the crypto space as his money grows.

“I was a geeky, nerdy kid who was into computers, and to be able to leverage those skills to build wealth has been amazing.”

From Sales To Crypto Guru

Not to be confused with the famous actress, Lea Thompson was a salesperson in the tech industry. But, unfortunately, she wasn’t making enough money from just that one job. So she decided to pick up work writing for a blog that paid her in crypto.

After witnessing firsthand how effective digital currency is, she added Bitcoin and Ethereum to her portfolio. Since 2017, she’s been hooked on the industry, completely changing her life. She’s no longer in sales as she now teaches other ordinary people about digital currency by creating informative content online on many of the most popular social media sites.

“I felt a lot more confident leaving my secure day job to spend my energy in a way that feels really limitless right now.”

And Ordinary Guys Like Kane Ellis

Kane Ellis dropped out of high school and chose to work in IT. It was here that he learned about Bitcoin mining in 2011. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were all very new at the time. Ellis was able to mine about four Bitcoin per day. So, he had computers dedicated to mining while still working his day job.

But those days are over. Now Kane owns his own business. CarSwap is a platform that connects traders, sellers, and buyers. His wealth has enabled him to buy his favorite ride, the Maserati GranTurismo. He’s living the dream with the freedom crypto mining has given him.

“Cryptocurrencies have helped me live a better life, being able to start my own business. I’ve been able to live the life I’ve always dreamt of.”

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