Ryan Selkis Says ‘Enough Talk’; Announces Senate Run

Ryan Selkis is the founder and CEO of Messari, who has announced that the cryptocurrency world is spinning today. It wasn’t just a sweet little note he left on Twitter, either. It was a fiery, passionate Tweet that put the SEC on notice.

“If you’re wondering when I actually decided to run for Senate, it was when these [beepers] came to my event, didn’t buy a ticket, and served one of the speakers a subpoena. Enough talk. More war on our out-of-control regulatory state.” @twobitidiot

TheThe speaker Ryan Selkis is talking about has yet to be named. But obviously, the soon-to-be senator is fired up about it. Selkis is most fired up because he has invited the SEC in the past to learn more about crypto like Bitcoin, but they refuse. It comes across as if they prefer to stay in the dark ages.

What Does Ryan Selkis For Senate Mean For Cryptocurrency?

Ryan Selkis founded Messari, a company that researches and educates the public about cryptocurrency. Messari also provides tools to help investors make informed decisions;

 “We believe that crypto will democratize access to information, break down data silos, and ultimately give everyone the tools to build wealth.”

What Selkis’ run for Senate means is that all crypto should be in good hands. He will influence other lawmakers to protect crypto rather than what he believes regulators are trying to do.

“They don’t want to learn. They want to shut crypto down in the US. Full stop.” @twobitidiot

Selkis is the first to announce a Senate bid from the cryptocurrency universe. But he has consistently been adamant about how he feels about the regulators. They are trying to hurt crypto visionaries and suppress further innovation. Bitcoin leverages the playing field for all the players, and for some reason, the SEC doesn’t like that. It’s as if they are pure evil who work toward keeping the rich rich and the poor poor.

There are plenty of activists fighting the lawmakers as we speak every time Washington talks about trying to regulate Bitcoin. But Ryan Selkis will be on our side as he takes his seat in the Senate, and it’s about time we had one.

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