The Top Countries That Don’t Tax Bitcoin Gains

Suppose you’ve ridden the wave of cryptocurrency profit over the past twelve months. In that case, you might want to learn more about the top countries that don’t tax Bitcoin earnings. Some people call these countries tax havens or crypto-friendly tax countries. In addition, these countries offer other tax benefits, ways to buy real estate with Bitcoin earnings, and more.

These are places to live and do business that provides you with cryptocurrency tax-friendly benefits. Would you please keep reading the informational guide below about the top countries that don’t tax Bitcoin earnings?

Tax Bitcoin 

There’s no doubt that the top countries that don’t tax Bitcoin earnings are open for business. Bitcoin has been around for a few years, but one can safely say it had a rebirth in 2020. Even some islands are being built on the blockchain, if not literally than figuratively. The cryptocurrency market saw much gain in 2020. Investors decided they were not too keen on spending most of their earnings on Bitcoin taxes with the cryptocurrency gains. That’s where the name Bitcoin tax haven came into its own.

Many countries don’t tax Bitcoins, and the countries also offer investors incredible financial privacy. This benefit cannot be measured as it is invaluable. It allows for trading Bitcoin transactions securely, privately, and tax-free.

Countries That Don’t Like Tax Bitcoin

Singapore may be the top country that doesn’t like to tax Bitcoin. That’s because Singapore does not tax businesses and individuals who hold crypto for long-term investments. Almost every company and individual who holds crypto for long-term investment

for purposes wants and needs that kind of capital gains tax benefit. Another country you wish to learn more about is Barbados. Many crypto investors find Barbados easy to get to logistically. Many fintech companies in Barbados use it to build and establish their business and live.

Barbados meets every definition of what you need if you’ve been looking for an overall tax haven. Barbados has minimal corporate taxes for offshore companies. If you’re an offshore company owner in Barbados, your corporate tax range is between 0-5.5%.

Top Countries That Don’t Tax Cryptocurrency Gains 

You want to think about a few other countries if you don’t want to pay tax on your cryptocurrency gains. In some of the top countries shared in this article, you don’t have to worry about taxes for most, if not all, of your cryptocurrency gains. You already know you want to make a financial decision based on sound money principles that develop your future prosperity. 

The below countries, listed in no particular order, have unique and viable options you need to consider seriously. This is true, especially if you’ve been looking for a Bitcoin tax haven. 


Slovenia has significant tax advantages that some other Eastern European countries don’t. For example, suppose you trade your cryptocurrency outside of a permanent business operation. In that case, the capital gains from your trade aren’t subject to a capital gains tax. That being said, if you live in Slovenia, you have to pay income tax no matter what currency you’re claiming for your earnings.

But there’s a tax catch in Slovenia you need to know. If you receive Bitcoin or get payment from crypto mining, you must pay taxes at the corporate tax rate.


Switzerland is considered to be one of Europe’s cryptocurrency tax-havens. It doesn’t matter if you buy, sell, or hold cryptocurrency; you still don’t have to pay taxes on any capital gains you make. But if you earn income mining for the cryptocurrency, you are self-employed. 

If you have self-employment income, you need to pay income taxes. However, Switzerland does differentiate between profitable crypto trading by qualified professionals paying corporate tax vs. professionals using crypto for income wages.


In 2018 Belarus legalized cryptocurrency activities. At that time, the government exempted businesses and people from taxes who deal in cryptocurrency. This law or mandate stays in effect until at least 2023.

That means no matter your cryptocurrency earnings, you are exempt from taxes on your income if you invest or mine for cryptocurrency. In addition, as an investor in cryptocurrency, you’re also exempt from any capital gains or income tax.


Malta has been known as being the blockchain island for a while. That’s because Malta doesn’t tax any long-held digital currencies through VAT or capital gains. The government in Malta has taken a cross-section of crypto operations and had them legalized. 

Also, Malta uses Bitcoin because Malto legally recognizes Bitcoin as a unit of account or currency exchange with value.


If you’re in Germany, you want to hold on to your Bitcoin for at least a year or more. If you do that, you won’t have to pay any taxes. It doesn’t matter how much cryptocurrency you’re hanging onto either. Even if you make a killing by selling your Bitcoin, you don’t have to pay taxes on your capital gains if you hang on to it for twelve months.

Germany views Bitcoin as private money. Therefore, they are tax-free as long as private crypto sales don’t exceed a pre-determined amount. However, you do have to pay taxes on capital gains from any Bitcoin through corporate income taxes. 

Paying Taxes on Bitcoin Gains  

Suppose you’re using the profits from Bitcoin investments to buy groceries. In that case, you don’t have to worry too much about paying taxes on any bitcoin gains you make. But if you are exchanging your cryptocurrency for fiat currency, you may need to know how, where, and when you need to pay taxes on your Bitcoin gains. Anonymity is the most significant benefit in countries without paying taxes on Bitcoin earnings.

Whether or not you are a first-time millennial investor or an unbanked individual, you can be sure that there will be a country where you don’t pay taxes on your Bitcoin gains as a cryptocurrency investor. On the other hand, maybe you are a baby boomer who wants to begin purchasing from global merchants with PayPal or Venmo. If that’s the case, Bitcoin will serve you well.

There are now places to live and work where you buy Bitcoin with cash instantly at ATM locations. Or you can use your Bitcoin during eCommerce checkout. In addition, if you decide to buy a home, some countries allow you to purchase real estate with Bitcoin.

How to Avoid Bitcoin Taxes 

One of the most significant benefits of moving your crypto wealth overseas is access to the world’s most favorable tax rates. The best and most favorable tax rates in these countries are for cryptocurrency users. Each year thousands of people make a move for their benefit. Sometimes these countries allow their citizens to use Bitcoin as a tax shelter. 

Right now, Canada has no income tax on cryptocurrency exchanges. They don’t have capital gains taxes on cryptocurrency profits. Your income tax doesn’t mean you have to work or have a business inside Canada.

If you seek to live cold, you can avoid Bitcoin taxes by moving to Iceland. Iceland is an excellent option for a crypto tax shelter. The country has no capital gains tax on cryptocurrency profits. Plus, you do not have to declare any gains as long as your cryptocurrency is traded digitally.

Taxable Bitcoin Earnings 

Bitcoin and fiat currency aren’t traded in the same way. When Bitcoin is traded, it’s done using peer-to-peer exchanges. These exchanges are in the top countries that don’t tax Bitcoin earnings.

They allow you to avoid paying taxes on your Bitcoin earnings simply because they do not fall into the tax jurisdiction of one country or another. A significant benefit of avoiding taxes on bitcoin is that you can use your cryptocurrency to invest where you want.

Your Bitcoin earnings will have a way for you to invest your gains in something that will make you money. In addition, the extra Bitcoin profit will then it should be possible for you to pay taxes on your earnings. That is, of course, should you not live in one of the cryptocurrency tax haven locations. 

Ready To Go?

The countries that don’t tax Bitcoin earnings have a lot to offer. They also work together to ensure that cryptocurrency users get the best of all worlds. Some of these countries are creating their decentralized digital currency just like Bitcoin.

Most of the same countries have a trust machine, peer-to-peer exchanges, and more. These countries also allow you to use cryptocurrencies to buy and sell real estate. So if you want to get ahead of the crowd, all you have to do next is pick one of the many countries that don’t tax Bitcoin earnings.

Every step you take in the right direction will help you build your wealth even faster. The more you know about how many countries don’t tax Bitcoin earnings, the easier it is to make the right move. Find out more about your future possibilities by reaching out to ByteFederal.