This Chipotle Crypto Giveaway Is Giving Extra Guac Energy

‘Burritos Or Bitcoin?’ Returns For Round Two In This Year’s Chipotle Crypto Giveaway

That’s right, Chipotle is making another bold statement for crypto with an announcement this week that they will give away $200,000 in crypto as part of the second “Buy The Dip” promotion.

The popular food chain is also giving away $2 million in guacamole, and queso blanco dips as part of this new initiative.

This Chipotle Crypto Giveaway Is Giving Delicious & Fiscally Responsible

So far, the announcement has attracted quite a lot of attention online, which certainly helps bring more mainstream awareness to the crypto industry.

Is The Chipotle Crypto Giveaway Worth the Hype?

Chipotle also plans to give away crypto prizes of varying amounts as part of an online game that all customers can play.

Crypto prizes will be limited to around 516 players, which will undoubtedly attract many crypto supporters, who also happen to be Chipotle customers.
Small crypto prizes would be a small amount, such as $1250 in crypto, but some of the larger-sized prices could go as high as $35,000 in crypto.

Chipotle Crypto Giveaway
Starting at 10am PT today, fans can access “Buy The Dip” by visiting:

Regarding what crypto awards are in store, it seems that the restaurant has made sure to include the most popular digital assets with the largest market caps.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and even Dogecoin, which has a reputation as a meme coin, made the list for this exciting Chipotle Crypto Giveaway.


Winners will receive their crypto rewards via direct transfer to their Coinbase accounts.

So, What’s The Motive?

With such a bold initiative, the famous burrito bowl go-to restaurant looks to engage its best customers with the crypto space. This promotion links the Chipotle community to the world of crypto and Web3 technologies.

Other restaurant chains have also started to get into the crypto conversation in the past, but this is undoubtedly one of the first times a popular chain has launched a promotion of this size.
Chipotle has also gotten involved in crypto in the past, so it is not new to the industry.

Back in 2021, Chipotle also ran a “Burritos or Bitcoin” promotion where it essentially gave away $100,000 in Bitcoin.


Based on this history, it seems that the restaurant will likely continue to have crypto promotions in the future even after this “Buy The Dip” promo ends.

Besides promotions, the company has also done much more to incorporate crypto into its business than just having giveaway promotions.

So far, Chipotle accepts over 98 different cryptocurrencies as payment.
This new service via an app called Flexa, a popular crypto payment processor, makes it easy for customers to pay in crypto.

By doing this, the restaurant chain hopes to attract more customers and provide more convenience for its customers who are crypto supporters.