Tom Brady Makes Bitcoin Offer For Unfortunate Fan

It was one of the funniest headlines of the past week when Tom Brady announced that he would continue playing football. One unlucky fan had just bought the last touchdown ball Tom Brady threw before announcing his retirement from the game. But that ball will no longer be his final touchdown pass.

Tom Brady launched a 55-yard pass to Michael Evans during his final game, who would run it in for a touchdown. However, after getting in the endzone, Michael Evans heaved the ball into the stands. Finally, with 3:20 remaining in the game, the Bucs had hope.

But it didn’t happen. First, Tom Brady was unsuccessful in leading his team to one of his historic last quarter wins in the Championship game against the Rams. Then, he announced he was retiring.

That’s when the fan in the stands who caught that ball had an idea. It was presumed that was Tom Brady’s last touchdown pass and that ball was then auctioned off. The bids started at $100,000 and quickly raised to $518,628 after 23 people joined the action. That ball was holding a lot of value.

A few hours later, Tom Brady decided to tell Twitter that he was coming back for his 23rd season. Suddenly that ball becomes nothing more than just another touchdown pass. The fan who had purchased it was no longer holding what he thought. And sadly, whoever bought that ball has no course of action to get any of that money back.

So, Brady decided to do something nice for the guy. He offered to donate a Bitcoin to the charity of the fan’s choice. Not only that, but it appears the fan will receive a Bitcoin.

That doesn’t quite recover the loss. But the fan will still own the ball, and he’ll have that story to tell now. Whoever the guy is, he might not have Brady’s last touchdown football. Still, he’ll have a Bitcoin from the returning quarterback, and that’s the ultimate win. If you’re in the market for some BTC, Byte Federal is the place for all your cryptocurrency needs. Go bank, Yourself!