U.S. Operations Turning To Green Bitcoin Mining Solutions

With the U.S. now leading the way in Bitcoin mining, environmentalists have been effectively voicing their concerns about the amount of energy that an operation takes. But the nature of Bitcoin has always been to change the way the world thinks. So, true to its core, crypto operations have turned to some rather ingenious green Bitcoin mining solutions.

To give you an idea of what kind of energy goes into just one Bitcoin transaction, the average U.S. household could power their house for two months. It takes about 1,544 kWh, and within a year, the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance has measured that to equal the energy it takes to power small countries such as Malaysia and Sweden.

Now that you’re aware of the issue, here’s what big green Bitcoin mining operations have done about it. Instead of ignoring the concerns of worried environmentalists, the Bitcoin industry has responded in some of the most creative ways. Take Wampum Mining of Osage County, Oklahoma for example. They have literally lassoed natural methane gas waste to fuel their operation.

This method solves a problem for the environment rather than creating one. Brand new wells and abandoned wells have the same issue, natural gas needs to be flared off to decrease the negative impact on the environment. By using this natural gas, Wampum Mining not only fuels its operation but puts an end to the natural gas waste that has been going on for years.

Argo Blockchain is a very green Bitcoin mining operation headquartered in London, England, but its Texas operation is rather remarkable. They are using hydro-technology to fuel their heavy computation needs. Water has always been a great energy source when used right, and Argo is right on point.

Perpetual Industries out of Auburn, Indiana, is putting it all together in the most strategic way. They utilize solar, wind, geothermal, and natural gas to fuel their operations. In addition, they have designs for geodesic dome systems that are practically a city within itself that is basically a self-sustaining infostructure.

There might be some naysayers still in the mix. Still, no one can deny that the Bitcoin mining network has stepped up to solve environmental problems while solving complex computational problems. Moreover, no other industry can claim to be as enthusiastic at quelling ecological concerns as the digital currency aimed at creating meaningful world change.

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