This Trend Is Here To Stay; ‘Pay Me In Bitcoin’ Celebs Say


So #PayMeInBitcoin is trending today, June 24, 2021 and it’s all started with a Cash App announcement, but we don’t even care what started the revolution… because Bitcoin is going BIG TIME! In zero to twenty minutes we saw #PayMeInBitcoin hit the top of Twitter’s trending charts and there it has sat all day!

Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrency has been on a slow yet steady rise. Just in the last few weeks we have seen major adoption, including the entire country of El Salvador! President Nayib Bukele announced that the Central American country is adopting Bitcoin as legal tender.

 Now more than ever, Bitcoin along with many other altcoins is becoming the go-to choice for the elite. The entertainment industry’s biggest players, on the field and off are interested and invested in the value of Bitcoin.

Russel O’Kung Was One Of The First To Call For Change

Offensive tackle for the Carolina Panthers, Russel O’Kung made huge waves last December when he called for his employers to join him in the future.

O’Kung requested that half of his base salary, $13 million dollars, be paid via Bitcoin. To be clear, the NFL did not technically pay O’Kung in BTC. $6.5 million dollars of the $13 million, were converted to Bitcoin.

A True Believer In Bitcoin

Football may be this man’s passion, but financial freedom and a sustainable value of Bitcoin undoubtedly rank pretty high for this guy.

Lindsey Lohan Gives Credence To Cryptocurrency

value of bitcoin

The Mean Girls star has been sharing in her excitement about the value of Bitcoin and the future of cryptocurrency.

Lohan often takes to Twitter encouraging others, particularly empowering women to learn more and get involved in what is often believed to be a male dominated industry.


Above, Lindsey Lohan’s most recent cryptocurrency adventure, an NFT concept from “the most iconic work of her career”, Herbie: Fully Loaded. The token went on to be purchased by “Loopify” for 10 Wrapped ETH, equivalent to $17,360. The token was then sold just one hour later to a “Mr. Lohan” for 33 ETH, or $57,290.

Game Of Thrones’, Maisie Williams Buys Bitcoin

The growing value of Bitcoin caught her eye…

Like most intrigued newcomers to cryptocurrency, the young actress was unsure if she should invest in Bitcoin. Naturally, she turned to Twitter and hosted a poll. Maisie’s fans and followers were almost evenly split down the middle, but finally at 53.4%, they said investing in bitcoin is a no-go…


In The End, Williams Came To Her Own Conclusions

In the true spirit of Araya, it’s safe to say this Queen found her own way, step aside Sansa. 😂 Maisie ignored the advice of her followers, deciding the value of Bitcoin was a safe bet, worth investing in.


Paris Hilton Auctioned Ethereum Based Art

Meet Munchkin, Paris Hilton’s now even more famous furry friend. Munchkin’s photo was recently auctioned in the form of a non-fungible token.

Paris never refuses an invitation to the latest trend. So when she got wind of the rising value of Bitcoin, naturally she arrived to the party, not too late or too early, but right on time.

bitcoin for sale

Sold on Ethereum-based auction platform, Cryptograph, Munchkin’s purr-fect profile sold for for 40 ETH, equivalent to around $17,000.

Snoop Dogg Isn’t Asking “Should I Invest In Bitcoin”

Why? Rapper, producer and entrepreneur, Snoop Dogg is no stranger to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In fact, in 2013, Snoop had the option to buy his music with BTC.

At that time, the value of Bitcoin wasn’t quite what it is today. He was reportedly selling copies for 0.3 BTC. Today, that would equate to around $17,000. It’s safe to say Snoop was ahead of his time.

“The future is here and Snoop is your captain, taking you to the moon (that’s a bitcoin thing) — My next record available in bitcoin n delivered in a drone,” Snoop tweeted at the time.


Recently, Snoop along with engineer and businessman, Elon Musk and Rockstar, Gene Simmons aided in the rise of the meme-tastic “Dogecoin” via a few silly Tweets. It’s safe to say this funny Twitter back-and forth had a huge impact on the value of Dogecoin, leading to a 55 percent rise in just 24 hours!

‘Soulja Boy, Tell Em”

From your speakers to your video game screens and now, onto cryptocurrency, Soulja is one rapper/entrepreneur who is sharing his passion for decentralized, digital currency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc..


In addition, Soulja keeps his followers informed as he takes to Twitter regularly to share resources for getting started with cryptocurrency.

Above, the famous rapper shows off his bitcoin gains!

Bitcoin Is For Everybody!

You might know this guy as the former Whitehouse Director Of Communications, Anthony Scaramucci. Scaramucci is well known for his work in private investment banking, private wealth management and equities. Traditionally speaking, a guy like this, with such a firm background in the centralized, private system wouldn’t dare dabble in Bitcoin’s decentralized, peer-to-peer system.

value of bitcoin

From the looks of it, Scaramucci might know something about the value of bitcoin that the rest of us may not.

Even a lifetime in the private sector won’t keep him from following the future of fiscal power. When asked about his views on bitcoin value, Scaramucci replied;

“It’s just a supply and demand situation. You don’t have a lot of supply out there and very heavy demand.”


A Little Perspective On The Value Of Bitcoin Today?

Okay, so you might be thinking “So what? A handful of celebrities are investing in Bitcoin. I don’t make millions. Why should I invest in Bitcoin?” Hey, that’s a totally fair question. Here is a little insight for the more “average income”.


While we can’t go back in time, it’s not too late to get in the game. You can start today by investing what you can. A little bit of cash here and there can go the distance when it counts. Interested in how to buy bitcoin from an ATM? Here’s what you should bring!

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