gentleman's club

Entertainment tipping is a very broad term. But it really only means one thing when it comes to a particular gentleman’s club in Vegas. When you want to give the dancers a gift, now you can do it in Bitcoin.

Crazy Horse 3 is located at 3525 W. Russell Road in Las Vegas, and it now has the honor of entering our list of bars that accept Bitcoin. But, of course, it’s more than just a bar, even though technically, you can get drinks there. Instead, it’s a special kind of nightclub that employs beautiful women to dance in teeny outfits. 

I didn’t really think you’d need such a specific definition of what a gentleman’s club is. But it’s good to be very clear when talking about things of this nature. So, at this particular venue, patrons can tip the girls dancing on stage (or in the VIP rooms) with the crypto in their digital wallets.

Of course, that does take some of the fun out of the game. People have always loved placing dollar bills in a dancer’s garter or throwing piles of cash. However, the primary plus side of allowing patrons to pay with Bitcoin is its anonymous security.

“We are thrilled to cater to our tech-savvy customers and offer an additional layer of privacy and flexibility by accepting Bitcoin payments for lap dances and entertainer tipping. Guests can enjoy all our bustling adult entertainment anonymously and instantly.” Crazy Horse 3 publicist, Lindsay Feldman

If you have been following BTC and the likes, then chances are you know that this isn’t the first time Bitcoin has been a part of a sex industry solution. For example, when OnlyFans changed its policy last year that no longer allowed sexual content, OnlyCoins stepped up to fill the void. As a result, OnlyFans lost a lot of loyal viewers. But, at the same time, OnlyCoins solved a colossal industry problem AND accepted Bitcoin as payment.

Beyond the patrons, the women working at Crazy Horse 3 will reap the benefits of earning cryptocurrency. Getting paid in Bitcoin means they can literally watch their money grow while they work. The dollar bill can’t do that. It lies on the floor doing nothing while the dancer dances around it. Bitcoin will be working for the talent while the talent works it!

Get some entertainment tipping Bitcoin. Go bank, Yourself!