Embrace the new digital frontier by offering digital services to your customers

Bitcoin is a digital assets that cannot be inflated and controlled by a central authority. This new type of peer to peer currency has gained traction across the world due to its speed and reliability. Anyone
can use Bitcoin & instantly send them to anyone else on this or any other planet… Bitcoin is digital Gold!

  • Extra Revenue
    Extra Revenue
    Boost your earnings by maximizing the utility of your floor space.
  • More foot traffic
    More foot traffic
    Bring in more people to your store. We actively advertise your location for free!
  • Safe and Compliant
    Safe and Compliant
    Byte Federal is a FinCEN compliant Money Services Business. We partner with national cash logistics for your hands-off experience.
  • Bonus system
    Bonus system
    Our percentage revenue share model allows you to benefit from increased traffic and customer service.
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Byte Federal takes care of the details while you enjoy a boost to your bottom line.

Byte Federal is a FinCen Compliant Money Services Business. We provide the kiosk & liquidity for its operation, money transport, service & support. For hosting our kiosk you earn either a monthly flat fee or a monthly percentage revenue share. It’s hands-off passive income with the added benefit of gaining customer appreciation.

For gas station owner Rich L., Byte Federal's Bitcoin ATM has become part of his store's
forward thinking success

For instance that one time, when national television in the form of 60 minutes recorded a sequence on the new phenomenon of digital currencies and put his store on the map. Local talk show celebrities gather around the Bitcoin kiosk as the average ad-hoc meetup group discussing the latest trends in technology and finance. “We have had a tremendous success with our Bitcoin kiosk and absolutely love it. In fact we are rolling Bitcoin ATMs out to all our other stores”, says Rich L.

Nick M.'s Bitcoin ATM in Savannah is a landmark - and helped remodel his store

In 2016 not many people knew about Bitcoin kiosks. That’s when Nick M. after learning about the idea quickly seized the opportunity to be one of the first in this emerging and exciting new market. “Since then our Bitcoin ATM by ByteFederal has been a pure blessing. Proceeds from the revenue share model allowed us to undertake substantial remodeling of our gas station”.

His liquor store next to a publix super market is this city's version of a townsquare - and George still remembers how a Bitcoin ATM opened his store up to a lot more foot traffic

A few years ago, when Bitcoin was still a fringe concept George N., owner of a small local liquor store, was engaged with a customer discussing the new phenomenon when he learned about Bitcoin ATMs. Skeptical at first, George still gave it a try: “Maybe it was the serendipity of the moment but in hind-sight I am glad I learned about it so early. We have had such a tremendous strong response in our community and the store without this little financial service center would not be same”.


hosts enjoy extra monthly revenue to grow their businesses thanks to hosting a bitcoin kiosk

What our customers say

Jenny N

Best customer support hotline I have ever come in contact with.

Mark R

ByteFederal Bitcoin ATM works great. Processes transactions fast and with low fees. You can even buy Giftcards right on the machine.

Jesse M

Nifty cryptoatm. Super simple and easy to use.

Jean M

I had so many questions regarding digital money. ByteFederal's team know their stuff. So greatful.

Adelle C

We had an amazing experience. ByteFederal's staff was immensely helpful. Though new to the process they explained every step of the process.

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