If you’ve been thinking about investing in Bitcoin or need to find the nearest Bitcoin ATM, you’ve come to the right place. The good news is that it’s easy to find a nearby Bitcoin ATM using the internet and software tools.

It’s also good news that you can invest money in a Bitcoin ATM at a great rate of return right now. The bad news is you haven’t done it yet. But you can find the nearest Bitcoin ATM with this map.


You can even create your own once you know the prime ATM locations. You may want to visit these prime ATM locations near you and find a particular location that fits your geographical need and investment criteria. Please keep reading to learn how you can find, use and make the most of the nearest Bitcoin ATM.

Nearest Bitcoin ATM 

Your first step in finding your nearest Bitcoin ATM is understanding what it is and then how you can find one nearby. A Bitcoin ATM is set up like a kiosk, that permits people to buy Bitcoin using an automatic teller machine (ATM).

Many Bitcoin ATMs are bi-directional, or two-way which means they allow you to buy and sell Bitcoin for cash. Finding where a Bitcoin ATM is geographically located can be a challenge. It’s an even greater hurdle to jump if you want to start investing in Bitcoin ATM located near you.


Most of the time, there are very handy Bitcoin ATM maps provided for you if you live near any metropolitan area. Many new Bitcoin or cryptocurrency investors go online and search for data on places where Bitcoin is sold or bought. You can do this too by starting your research on social media sites.

Bitcoin ATM Near Me 

You can also check out financial websites like JPMorgan Chase, which have recently added their first cryptocurrency exchange. Many people Google the approximate location they need and hit search for the nearest Bitcoin ATM to find it. You can use maps online by putting in your address and then asking the internet to search for a Bitcoin ATM near you.

There shouldn’t be any problem finding a Bitcoin ATM near you because Reuters New reported in March that in January of 2021, there were about 28,000 Bitcoin ATMs in the United States. 10,000 of the 28,000 Bitcoin ATMs became operational in the prior five months. Once you’ve found a Bitcoin ATM that sells or buys Bitcoin, you must understand how to use it best to meet your financial objectives.


Typically, your first step is to give your bank a head’s up to let them know you’re permitting them to send the money when purchasing Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ATM 

Not every Bitcoin ATM will allow you to use a bank account to purchase cryptocurrency. It’s important that you understand the ATMs rules, payment method, and the transaction limit for your bank account. But if you use a credit card on a Bitcoin ATM, there’s no limit at all on what you can buy or sell. 

Sometimes there are fees involved with Bitcoin ATM transactions, so as you’re searching for your nearby Bitcoin ATMs, find out the fees they assess. It’s important to determine if the transaction fee is based on the geographic location of the Bitcoin ATM? The transaction fee can also be based on how well the ATM is operating and the number of people who use it. 

Local Bitcoin ATM 

2020 was a big year for Bitcoin ATMs as 20,000 were being deployed each month globally. Many of the Bitcoin ATMs are now located in the United States. The top three states with the most Bitcoin ATMs are:

  • New York (1,020)
  • California (898)
  • Texas (861)

If you live in one of those three states, you will have plenty of locales to find a Bitcoin ATM nearby. You may also want to find your local Bitcoin ATM so you can invest in cryptocurrency at a high rate of return as opportunities arise. 

Closet Bitcoin ATM 

There are times when you’re looking for a Bitcoin ATM locally and cannot find one. There are still ways you can access buying and selling Bitcoin without an ATM. Instead, you can use other platforms like financial institutions that move quickly towards a future where they immerse their investments in the crypto market

Financial institutions have begun to enter crypto with a quickening pace, setting the tone for the remainder of 2021 and 2022. There are also websites where people can buy and sell Bitcoin amongst each other without an ATM being involved. You can find the nearest Bitcoin ATM, and now you know you can create your own.


It’s the same as having a favorite bank ATM where you deposit your payroll check or draw cash out when you need currency. But now, you can create your own Bitcoin ATM if you understand how and why investing in them is a very savvy business and financial move.

Find Your Bitcoin ATM 

Knowing where you can find a Bitcoin ATM is a simple thing if you know where to start. There are plenty to choose from. Most of them are set up like any other ATM and can be found in numerous places.

But finding the nearest Bitcoin ATM that is set up in a location that helps you make the most of using, and investing in cryptocurrency is special. You can find a Bitcoin ATM anywhere from a grocery store to a sports stadium in today’s world. But you need to add an extra step where you check out these locations to see if any seem like a good location for a Bitcoin ATM investment opportunity.


Reach out to Byte Federal when you want to find a Bitcoin ATM investment opportunity that optimizes prosperity. Your future can be filled with investment choices from sound money principles that start with your own Bitcoin ATM investment. Buying Bitcoin will be one of the strongest and best bets you make for your future.