What Exactly Is Monero? (XMR)

Monero is a decentralized cryptocurrency. It uses a public distributed ledger with privacy-enhancing technologies to achieve anonymity and fungibility.

What Makes XMR Special?

Monero’s protocol is open source and based on CryptoNote, a concept described in a 2013 white paper authored by Nicolas van Saberhagen. The cryptography community used this concept to design the digital currency and deployed its main net in 2014.
XMR uses ring signatures, zero-knowledge proofs, and “stealth addresses” to obfuscate transaction details. These features are baked into the protocol, though users can optionally share view keys for third-party auditing. A miner network running RandomX, a proof of work algorithm, validates transactions. The algorithm issues new coins to miners and is resistant to ASIC mining.

Monero has the third-largest developer community among cryptocurrencies, behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, its privacy features have attracted cypherpunks and users desiring privacy measures not provided in other cryptocurrencies.

Where Can I Buy Monero?

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Understanding XMR

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