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Bitcoin is breaking into more industries one by one. But, this time, it’s breaking into the music industry and in the most significant way. Money Man agreed with Empire to take his advance payment in Bitcoin, making a massive statement about the cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin payment Money Man received was a whopping $1 million. But Money Man isn’t new to what Bitcoin is about. He’s been around the block before, and this is just his latest move in legitimizing the digital currency that is starting to take over the world.

The project Empire is investing in is an album called Blockchain. You know it’s about the digital currency that’s on fire right now with a name like that. BTC sits above $68,000 and is on its way to $100,000 by the end of this year. A video released by Money Man just five days ago has already been viewed over 4 million times, and the rest of the album is due out in a few days.

For Money Man to get this contract with Empire, he had to buy himself out of his old one. He had invested in Bitcoin a while ago, and that’s the money he used to pay Cash Money Records to get out of his deal and continue with his career as an independent act. So then attended the Bitcoin Conference in June and participated in the “Pay Me In Bitcoin” panel with the CEO and founder of Empire Ghazi Shami.

The music industry is the latest to come on board. If you’ve been following the news, you know that some athletes and sports teams have started accepting digital currency as payment. In addition, banks have figured out ways to work with cryptocurrency. Even companies like movie theaters are working toward allowing people to pay for tickets and refreshments using Bitcoin.

Money Man is making a big statement, and it won’t be long before other rappers are following right along. All it takes is for more people to learn what Bitcoin even is. That’s the thing. While digital currency is catching on, too many people are watching it happen. Some are missing out because too many people are afraid of crypto, and some are trying to take it down.

But it doesn’t go down. Every time the government tries to regulate it, the bill gets stopped. Every expert who has talked bad about it has been proven wrong. Obstacles that have been put in its way have only informed it of opportunity, and it has passed through them all with flying colors.

In the words of Brian Roemmele, “They threw everything at the beast, and still, it moves.” @BrianRoemmele

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