Kiosk registration using your ByteWallet

To use a ByteFederal Bitcoin ATM you can either register at the Kiosk itself or use our ByteWallet mobile phone registration process.

In the following steps we walk you through the registration process that will give you access to all of our Bitcoin ATMs nationwide. It’s easy and fast!

Download your free ByteWallet

After downloading ByteWallet from your app store, open the ByteWallet app and click the account button (bottom center button).

Start filling out the basic form presented including your name and phone number.

What's Next?

Upload images of your driver’s license / passport or any government issued picture ID, including the front and back-side.

In a final step, take a selfie so that we can verify your identity and protect your account from identity theft.


You're All Set

That’s it! Our team will contact you via text message / email upon a successful registration. All of our nationwide Bitcoin ATMs are now accessible to you including additional products on your ByteWallet app.

What are you waiting for? Go Bank, Yourself!

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