Byte Federal:
The Best Bitcoin ATM Network Nationwide

Better Than Banking

Byte Federal Bitcoin ATMs let you take control of your finances.

$21,000 Daily Limit

Use our Bitcoin ATM to convert Cash to Crypto and Crypto to Cash with higher limits.

Instant Verification

Our Bitcoin ATMs are secure. KYC and AML policies help protect you from scams.

Made in the USA

All-American all the way, from our Bitcoin ATMs to our customer support.

More Than Coins and Tokens

At a Byte Federal Bitcoin ATM, we offer gold, gift cards, and trading signals. New offerings added all the time.

The Best Bitcoin ATMs
Choose Byte Federal

The latest FinTech and crypto products are brought directly to you. You can register easily at a Byte Federal Bitcoin ATM in minutes.  Our process is simple, secure, and convenient.


That’s How Many Byte Federal Bitcoin ATMs There Are. We Have Bitcoin Kiosks Spread Across the United States. For Convenient, Trusted, and Reliable Crypto Services. Choose Byte Federal.

Why Choose Byte Federal?

Excellence is our byword. We believe in the Bitcoin revolution and we are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it. At Byte Federal, we take pride in offering the latest cryptocurrency services via our Bitcoin ATMs.

  • Lightning Fast

    Lightning Fast

    Fast, secure transactions when you want them.
  • Multiple Cryptocurrencies

    Multiple Cryptocurrencies

    There is no easier way to get started with crypto than by using our Bitcoin machines.
  • Legal And Compliant

    Legal And Compliant

    We take trust seriously, and our KYC and AML policies are designed with your protection in mind.
  • Secure


    When you use a Byte Federal BTC ATM to buy and sell crypto, your information is secure and not exposed on vulnerable exchanges.
  • Friendly Support

    Friendly Support

    Our trusted team of experts is on hand to help you whenever you need it.
  • No Hidden Commissions

    No Hidden Commissions

    Our fees are built into our rates, and we provide receipts and a detailed record of every transaction.

Buy & Sell Bitcoin

  • 01
    It’s easy to open an account in minutes.
  • 02
    Your account lets you buy and sell Bitcoin for cash.
  • 03
    We offer a high daily limit of $21,000.
  • 04
    What you see is what you get—no hidden fees.
  • 05
    Friendly support from our expert team 24/7.

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