Send and receive Bitcoin, find any ATM and login instantly.

  • Automatically receive a Lightning wallet and LNURL for ease of use

  • Easily convert BTC to Lightning SATS and back

  • Safely hold bitcoin in a separate non-custodial wallet



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Send & receive Bitcoin, find any ATM and login instantly.

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Wallet Features

Every aspect of our wallet is built with the safety of your bitcoin and cryptocurrency assets in mind. The Byte Federal wallet is a safe and secure way to hold your assets and to transact on a daily basis.

Send Money

Send money with ease to friends and family.
Fully bitcoin and lightning enabled.

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POS for Merchants


With Lightning and NFC. Become a merchant and discover all possibilities with our suite of merchant solutions.

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Bitcoin ATM

Navigate with ease to your nearest Bitcoin ATM and start your bitcoin journey.

Self Custodial

Safeguard your assets, enjoy true ownership, and embrace a decentralized future where security and privacy are in your hands.

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Purchase Bitcoin

Acquire Bitcoin using US dollars for a seamless transaction experience.

Secure Authentication

Safely log in to the Byte Federal ecosystem with robust security protocols.

Lightning-Fast Network

Execute Bitcoin payments instantly, without any delay, via the Lightning Network.

Synchronized Backups

Continuously back up your data to never lose your important information.

Effortless Swap

Easily exchange one type of coin for another without hassle.

Simple Sell

Sell your cryptocurrency quickly and effortlessly.

Customizable Profile Card

Design a distinctive profile that showcases your individual style.

Latest Crypto News

Keep abreast of the most recent developments in the cryptocurrency world.

Wallet Management

Import existing wallets or create new ones all from a single, convenient location.

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Lock in secure transactions at your fingertips

Make sure your money is going into the right hands

keep all your assets safe.

No withdrawal limits.

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Proven real world identities with biometric login. Integrate our fast login technology into your website.

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Designed to keep your money safe and secure.

Get real-time access to our 1,200+ cash ATM network.


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