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Gas Stations

Using Bitcoin to pay for gas is now more convenient than ever with our point of sale system. If you operate a gas station or convenience store, we invite you to join us.
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Tweets showcasing gas purchases with Bitcoin that captivated over 400,000 viewers highlight ByteConnect PoS system's success in integrating bitcoin into everyday transactions.

Welcome to the world of Bitcoin, where transactions are instant, secure, and free from chargeback risks.

With over a quarter of Americans holding cryptocurrency, adopting digital payments positions you as an innovative leader, poised to draw in customers who prioritize security and forward-thinking businesses.

Sound money is the future of commerce. By integrating ByteConnect, you're not just adopting a payment system; you are attracting loyal customers eager to engage with businesses that embrace the digital currency revolution.

Extra income

Increase your online presence

Powerful new marketing opportunities

Increase your foot traffic

Low fees

No chargebacks

Settlement in USD or Bitcoin

Regulated and Licensed Partner

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