We offer Credit/Debit Card purchases at select ATM's. You can find them through our ATM locations finder.

We also offer the purchase of Bitcoin online for established customers. This is still a new service by us and subject to change, we therefor reserve the right to change daily/ weekly limits or to deny certain users access to this service as we work with bank and card providers.

Online Limits:
daily limit: $100 for 4 weeks, after that $200 for 4 weeks, then $500
weekly limit: maximum of $2000
Fee percentage: 8%

You can register your card for online transactions.(only one card per customer per month/ If you need to register a different card please contact our support hotline @786-686-2983)

1). Need to submit SSN
2). Have had at least 3 transactions at an ATM

Credit cards are quite often used for fraudulent transactions and charge-backs could make selling cryptocurrency prohibitively expensive. We reserve the right to restrict or suspend any account if we suspect fraudulent activity.

You can view all your past transactions by logging in to your Byte Federal customer home page: https://myhome.bytefederal.com
This page allows you to refer to all past and future transactions and comes with a whole range of other useful resources. In addition to displaying your transaction receipts and links to the Bitcoin blockchain it also shows appreciation of your Bitcoin over time vis-a-vis the dollar. That way you'll always know how much your purchase of sound money like Bitcoin performs in comparison to the dollars inserted.

First make sure it's not a scam that is tricking you into sending money to someone you don't know! If you are convinced of the legitimacy, here is what you need:

From your mobile phone's App Store, download one of the many free 'Bitcoin wallets'. Follow the instructions how to set it up. It will generate a Bitcoin address for you. That's kind of like a 'bank account number'.
Get some cash
Bring your phone, cash and a picture ID (drivers license, passport) and come to our ATM.
Register at the ATM (takes like 3 minutes). Once registered follow the on-screen instructions to purchase Bitcoin. The cash you insert will be converted to Bitcoin and sent to your phone's Bitcoin wallet.
Send the amount you require from your mobile phone to your family.

That's it!

First try to find an option in your wallet that says "send" or "pay" with Bitcoin. Then you simply copy and paste your friend's Bitcoin address into your wallet's sending form ("destination address") and specify the amount. Different wallets have slightly different layouts or labels but it is all quite similar in that you will need the recipients Bitcoin address and a specific amount you would like to send (similar to Paypal, Venmo or Square cash). Once you hit "send", the amount you specified will be deducted from your balance. Once the transaction confirms (settles) on the Bitcoin network, your friend will see it become available in their balance.

The price of Bitcoin follows rules of supply and demand. As Bitcoin's rate of issuance is mathematically fixed, sharp increases in demand or supply make Bitcoin's price highly volatile. As Bitcoin keeps appreciating over time, however, it becomes less volatile over time. You can find our Bitcoin price rate which we calculate in real-time when you visit our kiosks. The rate is displayed on the kiosk landing page and includes all our fees.

Yes! We support Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Marscoin. We also offer stablecoins like USDC and DAI as well as common Ethereum DeFi tokens like AAVE, LINK and UNI. We are adding more coins and tokens all the time. Please check in regularly to find an updated list here and at our kiosks.

Sometimes it might take up to 20-30 minutes before the transaction is dispatched. In addition, the Bitcoin blockchain, which is a global settlement network can get congested periodically. Remember: Bitcoin replaces an entire central banking system and realizes a final settlement of all transactions permanently. This coordination on the blockchain takes a bit of time. We recommend to keep checking the blockchain explorer link that we send out in our receipts per email or sms. You will see your transaction pending - many wallets will only display fully confirmed transactions, not pending ones.

Our atms work with all types of wallets as long as they display a QR code. We offer a recommended list of wallets on our kiosk. If you don’t have one yet, click the recommendation page and we will send you a link. Some of the popular choices are Exodus, Edge Wallet, Blockchain.info, Bitcoin.com, crypto, Breadwallet, Bluewallet, WalletOfSatoshi etc.

No! The kiosks are only used like vending machines to purchase Bitcoin for your own wallet. Sending Bitcoin to a third party violates our terms and conditions and will lead to deactivation of your account. All Bitcoin transactions are final! Make sure to protect your money and don’t send Bitcoin to anyone you met online or over the phone.

The process is straightforward and will take only a few minutes. At our kiosk follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure to bring your driver’s license or passport or some form of government issued picture ID. If there is any additional information required, our staff will reach out to you via text or email. We welcome your feedback and always try to further optimize the onboarding process - to make it as easy as possible to purchase Bitcoin!