At The New York Times Dealbook Online Summit, Ken Griffin made quite a few bold statements about Ethereum and other cryptocurrency solutions. In addition, the infamous market-maker and hedge fund billionaire of Citadel made a few predictions that had the audience scratching their heads, even squirming a little uncomfortably. That’s because it’s a brave new world we’re stepping into, and some of the changes to be made are a little scary for entrepreneurs and investors who like things just the way they are.

“Visa and Mastercard will be replaced by a crypto solution that will be a lower cost of making payments happen between businesses and consumers,” Ken Griffin stated.

It’s hard to believe that finding low-cost solutions in a world where millions of transactions are happening every day would actually give some people heartburn when they think about it. But these geniuses behind the scenes are also finding better solutions about the speed at which these transactions are taking place. Credit cards gave us a solution at one point, but Bitcoin and Ethereum have stepped up to take over.

Ken Griffin added, “The benefits of higher transaction speeds, lower cost per transaction, perhaps people will start thinking about how to better deal with security and fraud prevention.”

While still on track to surpass its highest value since its inception, Bitcoin is proving to everyone that it has the staying power people can rely on. Every time an expert calls for it to fail, it proves that it won’t go away and always bounces back healthier than before. Ethereum looks the same way. So anyone getting in on Ethereum at this point will have a bright future ahead of them, as promising as Bitcoin’s ever was.

Couple that with the fact that more digital currency solutions are being created all the time. Younger generations of crypto are what to watch. As more obstacles are overcome, and more challenges inform opportunity, crypto will keep making the world turn. Anyone uncomfortable at this point might benefit from just shaking it off because the only way to thrive in an ever-changing world is to walk into it boldly.

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