ByteWallet , Your Best Bitcoin Wallet

Offering state-of-the-art security and convenience, ByteWallet is Byte Federal’s recommended Bitcoin wallet. Download ByteWallet.

ByteWallet’s many capabilities include;

  • Find a Bitcoin ATM near you to buy Bitcoin and other trusted cryptocurrencies.
  • Lightning-fast login with ByteLogin. One QR code and to immediately log into our kiosk. Safely and securely.
  • Our Bitcoin ATMs are two-way. Users can buy Bitcoin with cash or sell Bitcoin for cash using ByteWallet.

ByteWallet is not only simple to set up but also easy to backup.

  • With ByteWallet, users can both send and receive Bitcoin worldwide.
  • ByteWallet transactions are peer to peer, trustless, immutable, and secure.
  • ByteWallet includes access to the Lightning Network-a super-fast Bitcoin highway with very low fees and instant transfer of value.

Let the money of the future find a way into your personal wallet. Download ByteWallet.

Go Bank, Yourself.

Get your free ByteWallet here.

Safety & Convenience

Discovering the most convenient Bitcoin ATM near you just got easier with ByteWallet on your side.

In a rush? No worries. ByteWallet’s FastLogin technology makes buying and selling Bitcoin a breeze.

Simply flash your secure ByteWallet QR code in front of a ByteFederal ATM for INSTANT log in.

Customers using FastCheckout will enjoy a speedy transaction time, turning cash into coins faster than ever!

BONUS! Never miss your purchase history or receipts again. ByteWallet saves your online and kiosk “purchase and sell history” conveniently & securely.

Get your free ByteWallet here.

Plus: A FULL-BLOWN Bank Account Included

ByteWallet is not just a crypto wallet – it is also a crypto-friendly bank account at your fingertips! No more discrimination for crypto users at the mercy of banks.

Open a free bank account* that creates a regular bank account number and routing number for your daily use. A crypto-friendly banking experience brought to you by Byte Federal.

Send money to your friends with ByteWallet INSTANTLY. If the recipient doesn’t have ByteWallet yet, simply invite them from within the app. Better than Cashapp: we support more coins, including Lightning!

Even better, ByteWallet comes with a crypto-friendly free visa DEBIT CARD. You can order a physical debit card for free or set up their ByteWallet virtual card on iOS or Android. Then, tap or swipe! ByteFederal’s ByteWallet enables you to spend those hard-earned coins when you need to.

Experience better than banking services with ByteWallet.


(*) no monthly fee. Some banking fees apply. Please see our fee schedule for details.

Get your free ByteWallet here.

Choose Byte Federal. Go Bank, Yourself.

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byte wallet
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