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Byte Federal Media Kit Terms of Use

Byte Federal, Inc.’s Media Kit is provided for the purpose of promoting accurate and consistent representation of Byte Federal's brand and products. By downloading and using the materials provided herein, you agree to adhere to the following terms of use:

  1. Authorized Use: The materials in this Media Kit, including but not limited to logos, images, videos, and documents, are provided solely for use by authorized members of the media, partners, and other stakeholders for the purpose of promoting or reporting on Byte Federal and its products/services.
  2. Brand Integrity: Users agree to use the materials in a manner consistent with Byte Federal's brand guidelines. Any alterations to logos, colors, fonts, or other brand elements must adhere to these guidelines.
  3. Non-Commercial Use: The materials in this Media Kit are provided for non-commercial use only. Any commercial use, including but not limited to advertising, promotional materials, or resale, is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from Byte Federal.
  4. Attribution: When using materials from this Media Kit, users agree to provide proper attribution to Byte Federal where applicable, in accordance with industry-standard practices.
  5. Prohibited Uses: Users are prohibited from using the materials in this Media Kit in any manner that is unlawful, defamatory, obscene, discriminatory, or otherwise objectionable. Users shall not use the materials in a way that could potentially harm the reputation or integrity of Byte Federal.
  6. Intellectual Property: All materials provided in this Media Kit are the property of Byte Federal and are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws. Users agree not to infringe upon these rights in any way.
  7. Disclaimer: While Byte Federal strives to provide accurate and up-to-date materials in this Media Kit, we make no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the content herein. Users download and use the materials at their own risk.
  8. Modification of Terms: Byte Federal reserves the right to modify or update these terms of use at any time without prior notice. It is the responsibility of the user to review and adhere to the most current version of the terms.
  9. Termination of Access: Byte Federal reserves the right to terminate or restrict access to the Media Kit at any time, for any reason, without prior notice.
  10. Governing Law: These terms of use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Florida, without regard to its conflict of law principles.

By accessing and using the materials in this Media Kit, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms of use. For questions or concerns regarding the use of this Media Kit, please contact