US Law Enforcement Guide


Hello and welcome to the Byte Federal US Law Enforcement Guide! This site is intended to provide law enforcement and government agencies in the United States with information about how to request certain records from Byte Federal, Inc. Launched in November 2016, Byte Federal is a Bitcoin ATM operator/manufacturer and digital asset software provider based in the United States that was established to serve U.S. consumers and adhere to strict U.S. regulations.

Record Requests

Authorized U.S. law enforcement and government agencies may submit valid legal process for production (which can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction) including, but not limited to, preservation requests, account freezes, a letterhead memo, Court orders, search warrants and seizure warrants, to Byte Federal by way of Byte Federal will only respond to requests that are from official law enforcement or government email domains. The request for records should be addressed as follows: Byte Federal, Inc. 2389 E. Venice Ave. #504 Venice, FL 33292 The request for records must include the name, position, and direct contact information of the requesting official. The request should meet the following requirements to expedite the processing of your request:

  1. All known user identifiers, including full name, address, email addresses, phone numbers, date of birth, Social Security Number and user ID (UID)
  2. For production requests based on transaction hash or transaction identification (“TX ID”), please include the transaction amount, relevant input and out addresses, and corresponding timestamp in UTC
  3. For production requests based on wallet addresses, please include the TX ID, timestamp (UTC) and transaction amount
  4. Production request should be in an editable format to reduce transcription errors

Production of records may include, but is not limited to, any of the following:

  1. Know Your Customer (KYC) information
  2. Account balance
  3. Bank account(s)
  4. Transaction history
  5. IP history
  6. Device history
  7. Correspondence with the identified Byte Federal Customer(s)

Any exigent circumstances and other questions can be sent to


Byte Federal will provide response records in accordance with our terms, policies and applicable laws. We make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any such information. While Byte Federal will endeavor to produce records as quickly as practicable, it cannot guarantee a time frame for when records will be produced. To the extent possible, Byte Federal will attempt to accommodate any requests for urgent productions. Byte Federal is under no duty to amend or supplement its responses to records requests if new information becomes available or becomes known to it. If no responsive records exist, Byte Federal will provide a confirmatory “no records” response. Byte Federal does not disclose receipt of official government requests for record to its Byte Federal users. In addition, Byte Federal’s submission of any records is without prejudice to and with full reservation of all privileges, rights, and protections, including the attorney-client privilege and work product immunity, that may pertain to such documents.