Do you know where crypto came from? Perhaps, it was a digital currency that we simply wanted or desperately needed? In the struggle for social justice, cryptocurrency is the great equalizer, precisely what the inventor intended.

Bitcoin’s phenomenal shooting star resulted as an answer to the subjugation of people of color. It’s no myth that immigrants, Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, and other communities have dealt with a system not put in place for them. In fact, it’s an even more accurate statement that it often works against them.

Systemic Racism Across The Board

social injustice bitcoin tashonna ward

For example, in the American healthcare system, everyone is not treated equally. Race, religion, ethnicity, and social class take precedence over quality care? Take into account the incident of Tashonna Ward, a 25-year-old daycare teacher. She sat in an Emergency Room for hours with chest pains and trouble breathing. This medical situation would have been a red flag for anyone else. Unfortunately, she passed away shortly after leaving the ER to find help somewhere else. This unfortunate incident just scratches the surface of how people of color are often treated unequally by the American healthcare system.

The legal system has been notoriously racist. For example, a Black man found with marijuana in his pockets has served more time in prison than a White rapist. And that is a fact.

We even see these injustices rampant in sports. For example, a Black athlete who tested positive for marijuana, a recreational drug legal in her state, was banned from running in the Olympics. On the other hand, a white figure skater under investigation for steroids went on to compete anyway. It’s all right in the headlines if you choose to stay informed.

One issue that you might have missed is how our current financial system participates in a practice that treats LGBTQ, immigrants, Black, and Indigenous people like a subclass of humans. Bitcoin was born at the right time and in the right place because it can actually solve social justice issues many people face.

“While no monetary invention can eliminate the effects of discrimination, Bitcoin offers Immigrant, Black, Brown, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ communities the promise of a fair and equitable financial system.”

Charlene Fadirepo


Solutions For Social Justice

For instance, when a person of color approaches a bank, they may be offered alternatives to the traditional banking options. These alternative financial options typically come with ridiculous rates and outstanding fees. But a Byte Federal ATM doesn’t know who you are. Therefore, it doesn’t have the ability to discriminate. Bitcoin ATMs allow for easier access to crypto, providing EVERYONE with access to an equal opportunity wealth builder.
Wallets that we can store on our phones allow for a more accessible system to buy, sell, or pay with Bitcoin. That’s the most significant advantage. Also, our ByteWallet is an app… on a phone. So, it can’t see who’s holding it, nor can it be swayed by bias or perceived social norms.

Gaining wealth and owning property has proved to be an ongoing challenge for people of color in America. Although some people have been able to break through the glass ceilings holding them back, it has remained a challenge for others. Being Unable to get ahead financially can set a person back in an already flawed financial system set up to prey on them. It’s costly to be poor in America. But Bitcoin gives people the ability to hold and control and grow financial assets, wealth that they can then pass down to future generations.

If you think about it, social justice was the intent of Bitcoin from the start. Its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto spelled it out very clearly in a paper called ‘The White Paper .’So there is no disputing that well, known fact. Bitcoin is a currency for all. So, that means that it’s a currency for Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, and anyone and everyone who identifies as HUMAN and seeks financial freedom.
Buy into the cryptocurrency that doesn’t discriminate. Choose Byte Federal. Go bank, Yourself!